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Sweetening Up E-Commerce – Saveri Philkana’s Summer Internship at Mondelez

The past 8 weeks I spent at the Mondelez Head Office in Mumbai have been a truly flavour-packed experience. During this time, I got an opportunity to work on a lot of … Continue reading

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Top 6 Things You Should Look for in an Internship

A 4.0 GPA is absolutely something to brag about, but even the best students are often not ready to face the challenges of the real working world. As an undergraduate … Continue reading

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Fried Platter of Intestines, Pigeon and Catfish? Yum!

Before joining SP Jain, if you had told me that I would eat a fried platter of intestines, pigeon and catfish in 2019, I would’ve laughed in your face. Am … Continue reading

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Things You Learn on a Student Exchange in France – An Interview with Kalyani Iyer

With an aim to graduate as a truly global citizen, Kalyani Iyer (BBA’17) is currently undertaking a student exchange program and completing her 4th semester of BBA with IÉSEG School … Continue reading

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BBA’15: Ode to the Legacy

It’s not just about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen. That’s the vision the BBA-15 Student Council shared with the students on the SP Jain Sydney campus when it assumed … Continue reading

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Total Quality Field Trip

As part of the Principles of Management course, BBA Jags at the Mumbai campus were treated by Prof. Shrinivas Shikaripurkar to a practical understanding of Total Quality Management (TQM) practices by … Continue reading

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Want An Off-Campus Roommate?

Many new Jaguars are interested in living off campus in Singapore to save money. (See the blog posts here about how to do this.) It will be more fun if … Continue reading

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SCSR Guest Speakers in Mumbai

To help students get exposure to the nuances of the corporate world, as part of their Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility (SCSR) subject, BBA Mumbai Jags witnessed three impressive guest … Continue reading

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Jags Can Now Work in Dubai!

News Flash!!!  The Dubai government has just announced that students in the country will now be allowed to take part-time jobs. This is fantastic news for all students who want … Continue reading

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Housing: Living Off Campus

Living on campus, or in S P Jain sponsored housing is the easiest (and often most fun) way to go.  It’s super-convenient, and near to all your friends.  However, if … Continue reading

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Tips for Global Travel from Kenaia

Many first-year SP Jain students have never traveled internationally before, or at least not without a family member. It can be a bit nerve-wracking to figure out flight info, layover … Continue reading

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Bring or Buy Mobile Phone?

So you’ve got this great phone that you love. Is it better to bring it with you to Singapore, or buy a new phone once you get there?  Well, it … Continue reading

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Being a Veg Jag

Being a vegetarian can be an interesting journey, especially when you travel to places like Singapore and Sydney where you need literally hunt for vegetarian food.  When I was in Singapore, it … Continue reading

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Inspired to Inspire — an Algerian Odyssey

You want to talk about all the impromptu trips you’ve done? Try travelling across the world, all alone, having sat on the plane for the first time in your life. … Continue reading

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Seeing the World at Global Village

Date: 15th January 2016 Categories: BBA ‘14 Since coming back from winter vacation, the BBA 2014 batch spent their first student life event of the second semester at the Global … Continue reading

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Teambuilding with Pool Rafting

DATE: 14th of January 2015 Categories BBA Sep 15 The Undergraduate students in Singapore went for a pool rafting activity organised by the Global Learning Team. It was quite an … Continue reading

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Sustainability Up Close and Personal

The BBA students were very excited to visit the eco-friendly and sustainable city called Masdar city. This was especially because they had learnt about it earlier in ‘Corporate and Sustainable … Continue reading

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The Rocks Aboriginal heritage tour

Batch: BBA-12 & BBA-13 Date :5th Nov.2015 Part of being an informed Global citizen is fostering cultural understanding. Most countries seem to have a deep and complex relationship with their … Continue reading

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BBA-14 Students visit Desert Safari

DATE:30th October 2015 It was a bright sunny afternoon, when the students set out to experience what the desert has to offer. Each student just as excited as the other, … Continue reading

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A trip to Canberra!

Date – 24th Sep.,2015 Batch – BBA’12 The road trip to Canberra is fairly long for a day trip, and if you are vegetarian the options are even more unpalatable … Continue reading

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Welcoming BBA’13 Batch to our Sydney Campus!

Sydney campus has been a-buzz with welcoming BBA 13 and our equally well-loved exchange students in a three-day orientation. Wednesday the 26th August was all about settling in on campus … Continue reading

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A visit to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall

Undergraduate students of the BBA 2014 Intake ventured out to visit the BurjKhalifa as part of the Student Life experience in Dubai. On their arrival,they were impressed with the great … Continue reading

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Dubai Campus Welcomes New Students!

In the last week of August, the Dubai campus was full of new postgraduate and undergraduate students. SP Jain staff excitedly welcomed both cohorts to the ‘City of Dreams’ with … Continue reading

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Bank Accounts in Singapore

News Flash — During Orientation in Singapore on Thursday, August 27th, the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS, SE Asia’s largest bank) will send an officer to S P Jain’s campus. … Continue reading

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Life in Sydney: An Incomplete Guide for Complete Dummies from Khoa

G’day fellas! Welcome to Australia, the land of kangaroos and koalas, of bizarre weather and people who love getting wasted! Isolated from the rest of the world, Australia has a … Continue reading

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Going Dutch: Ashley on Exchange in the Netherlands

Hi! I’m Ashley Elliott, BBA 13. I’m half American and half Filipino, currently residing in Sydney, Australia. I spent one semester in the Netherlands with the International Exchange Program offered by SP … Continue reading

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Jags Talk About Ramadan

  Check out this awesome article featuring three S P Jain graduate students in Dubai, talking about their first experience of Ramadan.  You younger Jags will get to experience this during Year … Continue reading

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Dubai is FUN

Want to know what Jags do for fun in Dubai?  Check out this cool video by Francis Miguel, BBA13, which won First Prize in the recent blog competition:

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First Jag Wedding ❤️

Sometimes we say that S P Jain Jaguars are like a big family, because students become so close in the small college setting. However, two Jaguars took things to a … Continue reading

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Thanks SPJ, from Nikhil

This place has given me so much, it’s hard to quantify that into a few words! The numerous late nights, the uncountable mid class TT games, the late, late trips … Continue reading

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Living Costs in Sydney

You’ve heard how expensive Australia is to live in, right?  Well, the good news for Jaguars on a budget is that the Australian dollar has been falling on the world … Continue reading

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Wanderlust, by Nimisha

I was in the library of my high school when I first heard about S P Jain School of Global Management. Two cities? Four years? With the possibility of going … Continue reading

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A Trailer for the Future, by Vishwas

For most of the people that acquire their undergraduate degree from India, doing internships in the middle of your course is unheard of. I don’t know whether it is because … Continue reading

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Scared of speaking?

You aren’t alone! ‘Glossophobia.’ This word is essentially a fancy representation of the fear of public speaking, a common disorder. I am pretty sure each and every one of us has … Continue reading

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Internships: Worth It!

In our four year stint with S P Jain’s BBA program, we have a cumulative of one entire year worth of holidays. This seems shocking at first look. Certainly, when … Continue reading

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Surfing in Sydney

One month into our Sydney adventure and the college started organising fun and adventurous events for us. For Australia, sports and recreation activities have always been an integral part of their cultural identity … Continue reading

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Olympic Gold for Singapore Jags

On the first morning of February, a group of excited S P Jain students dressed in red jerseys headed to Nanyang Technological University (NTU)’s campus in Singapore to participate in … Continue reading

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My Life So Far, by Lasse

Are you a European or a tennis player thinking of joining S P Jain?  Well, I’m a German tennis coach studying in BBA14, and here are my experiences so far… First, … Continue reading

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Dear fellow Albanians

Te dashur shqipetaret e mi, Si shqipetar ne i dime deshirat dhe nevojat tona dhe mund te them me plote gojen se S P Jain dhe Singapori eshte ajo qe … Continue reading

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Best Hoopsters in Singapore!

45 college basketball teams battled it out three-on-three on November 22 in Singapore for a $300 cash prize.  These were killer teams, with the best of the best that each … Continue reading

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Campus Cooking: Tips from Kenaia

Most college students can tell you that learning how to eat properly is a bit of challenge when all you’ve got on campus is a fridge, a microwave, and a cafeteria that … Continue reading

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Singapore Off-Campus Idea: The Interlace

Now here’s a way-cool idea for living off-campus in Singapore — renting a brand-new condo at The Interlace ( right across the street from S P Jain. It’s a gorgeous … Continue reading

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Govind’s Story: 5 Ways My Life Has Changed

After having spent almost two years (in Singapore & Dubai) of my life at S P Jain School of Global Management, living the life of a Jaguar has changed me … Continue reading

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Huzaan: Totally Worth It!

Some days, I just ask myself, was coming to S P Jain worth it? Then I take a second just to sit back and assess that thought… and 99% of the … Continue reading

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Karl’s “Journey of the Soul”

“Singapore, France, Dubai, Sydney”, I routinely say. “”That’s great!” or “I’m so jealous!” are the subsequent replies I get most of the time. It’s funny how everyone I meet has … Continue reading

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Khoa’s Story: Vietnam to Paris — What a Journey!

“This is to inform that you have been awarded a 100% scholarship for the four year bachelor program under the tri-city model at S P Jain School of Global Management” … Continue reading

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Lounis’s Story: Invest to Learn, Learn to Act

The first time I heard about SP Jain was five days before the deadline to apply for the BBA program. I was at home in Algeria, and saw the program … Continue reading

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Jevin’s Story: Global Melting Pot

As a kid, everyone has dreams like becoming a pilot, a doctor, a professional athlete or astronaut. Mine was an unusual one. I wanted to become an entrepreneur. As a … Continue reading

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From Village Boy to Globetrotter: Bill Boko’s Story

My Journey at SP Jain So Far Many years ago, I was a small boy who questioned everything about his life. I had big dreams and I always wondered how … Continue reading

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Living Frugally at S P Jain

Tips from Jeremy, the Hands-down Pro at Saving Money During the first semester I keep a detailed account of everything I spent – literarily everything. At the end of each … Continue reading

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Adventures of a Jaguar

Want to see something kind of amazing?  Okay, here’s an ordinary American kid, out deep-frying a turkey for Thanksgiving at his brother’s condo near Seattle.  It’s embarrasing to admit it, … Continue reading

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Getting around is really easy in Singapore, and pretty easy in S P Jain’s other two cities. Singapore — Step outside the campus gates, and you’re at a bus stop. … Continue reading

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S P Jain has housing available for all of its Jaguars. Each campus is really different. Singapore — The hostel (dormitory) is right upstairs from the classrooms. You jump in the … Continue reading

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Sports and Fitness

If you’re looking for world-class college sports teams, where you could get recruited to be a professional football or basketball player, forget S P Jain. After all, this is a … Continue reading

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Fun Oh my gosh. Where to start? Just for starters, Jaguars have:  gone bicycling on a jungle island, organized a big fun run, backpacked through Vietnam and Laos, gone to … Continue reading

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Jobs and Internships

 Jobs Many Jags choose to get part-time jobs in Singapore and Sydney to help pay for college. The Singapore government gives special permission to foreign students at certain colleges (including … Continue reading

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If you live on campus, your housing will already be paid for. So all you have to worry about is food and incidental expenses. For most Jags, though, this is … Continue reading

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Food, Glorious Food

YUM!  Whether you’re vegetarian, carnivorous or a total omnivore, you’ll have no problem finding plenty of affordable meals at all three of S P Jain’s campuses. Singapore — On campus, … Continue reading

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