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Five Things You Must Know About UNHCR Dubai

We had the opportunity to visit the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)’s warehouse in Dubai. The visit was organised by SP Jain School of Global Management to expose … Continue reading

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Changing the World, One NGO at a Time – Manthan Shah’s Internship Story

Manthan Shah (BBA Intake of 2018) is a professional athlete who captained India’s team in the International Table Tennis Championship (Pacific Games, Australia) and won 2 bronze medals in the … Continue reading

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A Model of Sustainability – Dubai’s First Net Zero Energy Community

As per the City Momentum Index (CMI), Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. However, this rapid growth brings along its own set of challenges. Even … Continue reading

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Building a Home Away from Home in France – An Interview with Maureen Wilando

Last semester, Maureen Wilando (BBA Intake of 2018) decided to make use of the Study Abroad Program at SP Jain and pursued her education at IÉSEG School of Management, Lille … Continue reading

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Top 6 Things You Should Look for in an Internship

A 4.0 GPA is absolutely something to brag about, but even the best students are often not ready to face the challenges of the real working world. As an undergraduate … Continue reading

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Marhaba Dubai! Global learning in a multicultural hub with over 200 nationalities

BBA 2017 Jaguar Vashish Roopun, who hails from Mauritius, writes what makes Dubai a great city for global learning and his student experience as part of the tri-city program and … Continue reading

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An Economic Carol

“Christmas is the Spirit of Giving without a Thought of Getting.” The Holiday season is here. The Merriment of the upcoming festivities already seems prevalent in the air. It’s that … Continue reading

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We travelled to 75 countries in 5 hours – Want to know how?

One trait that’s common among all SP Jain students is their undying passion for travel. The BBA tri-city program allows us to understand business and cultural environments in bustling cities like Singapore, Dubai … Continue reading

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BBA’15: Ode to the Legacy

It’s not just about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen. That’s the vision the BBA-15 Student Council shared with the students on the SP Jain Sydney campus when it assumed … Continue reading

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Music, Dance, Sports and Team Spirit – How We Bonded During Our First Outdoor Activity!

The Bhatsa river, situated near the small town of Asangaon in Maharashtra, at first glance, hardly strikes me as the kind of place I would ever visit on my own. … Continue reading

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Promoting Campus Spirit and Creating Special Memories with SP Jain Dubai Spirit Week 2017

If we are going to talk about the memories that the students of the BBA Program created in our Dubai year, we definitely need to talk about the Spirit Week … Continue reading

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From an Umpire to a Franchise Owner – The Story of Krish Chhatwal

Being a BBA Finance Student from SP Jain School of Global Management, I was always curious to find new opportunities in my surroundings. It is always logical to use theoretical … Continue reading

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Jags Publish in FinTech News

Getting published is a life goal of many people, and a major triumph in any career. Many professors work for years before getting an article published. Imagine the euphoria, then, … Continue reading

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Knowing the World, Knowing Yourself: Emily’s Story

I am Global My name is Eunhee Shin, but people call me Emily. That’s the thing about being a global-minded Korean living abroad — you feel connected to Korea as your home country, … Continue reading

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Getting Over Freshman Fears

7 Things First-Year Students Fear About College There’s this little secret college-bound and first-year college students outwardly deny: They are scared sick about going off to college. In our interviews with … Continue reading

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What To Bring to Singapore?

Here are some guidelines for what to pack for your first year at S P Jain: ❏  Clothes for a hot, steamy climate (Singapore is on the Equator with a … Continue reading

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Rohan’s Rockin’ Summer as an Intern

With my first year at S.P Jain, I saw myself grow and step out of my comfort zone. The highlight of the academic year being the regional immersion project, helped me … Continue reading

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Airport to SG Campus

Getting from Changi Airport in Singapore to the S P Jain campus is really easy — even if you have never hired a taxi or ridden on a subway before. … Continue reading

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Total Quality Field Trip

As part of the Principles of Management course, BBA Jags at the Mumbai campus were treated by Prof. Shrinivas Shikaripurkar to a practical understanding of Total Quality Management (TQM) practices by … Continue reading

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Ma’assalama Dubai

Another adventurous academic year comes to an end — our Dubai Chapter. “It seems like yesterday when we walked in through those doors and wondered where we were; and now … Continue reading

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From the Caribbean to the World: Franchesca’s Story

Going on exchange has been one of the best decision I’ve ever made. Well, actually, one of the two best decisions I’ve ever made. The first time I went on … Continue reading

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The Econ Degree (BEC): A Student’s Viewpoint

Hey Jags, I’m Aindrea and I am in the first batch of the Bachelors in Economics (BEC) program at S P Jain! The first time I ever took Economics as … Continue reading

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Prize-winning Dancers in Dubai

  Kudos to the Jaguars who placed 3rd in Group Dance category at IMT Dubai’s annual Inter University Cultural Festival, Vaudeville on 1st March 2017. The team representing SP Jain Dubai Campus included … Continue reading

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Tips for Global Travel from Kenaia

Many first-year SP Jain students have never traveled internationally before, or at least not without a family member. It can be a bit nerve-wracking to figure out flight info, layover … Continue reading

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First Flight Overseas?

For many new Jags, this will be their first international flight, or their first really long plane trip, or their first trip without their families. Some will be traveling way … Continue reading

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While You’re Waiting This Summer…

How can you best use your last glorious weeks of vacation, before becoming an S P Jain Jaguar at the end of August in Singapore?  Of course, you’ve already thought … Continue reading

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Bring or Buy Mobile Phone?

So you’ve got this great phone that you love. Is it better to bring it with you to Singapore, or buy a new phone once you get there?  Well, it … Continue reading

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Closets, Beds & Luggage

Packing for Singapore?  Here are answers to some recent questions from new Jags: How many closets am I going to get? One. Will I be getting extra storage some place … Continue reading

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Life in Singapore: The Real Scoop

One of the coolest and most unique things about SP Jain is the Singapore campus. Some students live off campus because they prefer their own space, or because they’ve found … Continue reading

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Jag Jobs: Where Our Graduates Work

Most young people study business because they want to get a job. So, does it work? The numbers are in, and for S P Jain graduates, they’re pretty impressive. As … Continue reading

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Khoa’s Journey: Thoughts upon graduation

Khoa Nguyen joined BBA12 from a small town in Vietnam. Now he has graduated with his bachelors degree, and is ready for a career in Australia. He wrote a blog … Continue reading

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Jag Harley Dudes

“Don’t wait for life. Ride to meet it.” – Harley Davidson Inspired by these timeless words and fueled by our passion to venture out into the world of marketing and hone our … Continue reading

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20 Countries, 2 Years: Rhys’s Story

I started as a small-town boy with no experience traveling, and very little cultural knowledge. I had lived on an island in the US all my life. The unbelievable opportunity S … Continue reading

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5 Reasons for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a major decision. Uprooting your life to start again in an unknown land is daunting, even for the more confident among us. However, studying abroad is also … Continue reading

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Comparing the Cost of Overseas Degrees

Take a look at our infographic which compares the costs for some of the most popular expenses for students studying in the UK, US, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and … Continue reading

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From Jamaica to the World! (Aindrea’s Story)

My name is Aindrea Sewell, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Kingston, Jamaica. Eight months ago when I told my friends and family that I was going to Singapore … Continue reading

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A Tajik Takes on the World (Dovud’s Story)

Nobody back home in Tajikistan can believe where I am now — getting ready to take on a summer internship in Singapore. And it’s all because I took a big … Continue reading

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Being a Veg Jag

Being a vegetarian can be an interesting journey, especially when you travel to places like Singapore and Sydney where you need literally hunt for vegetarian food.  When I was in Singapore, it … Continue reading

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Expect the Unexpected: Wejdene’s Story

Steve Jobs said,“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” … Continue reading

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Governing the Future – an Experiment

Date – 24th January 2016 Category – BBA’12 & BBA’13 Have you ever realised how different we are from one another? Each individual has a different imagination and perception of … Continue reading

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The Rocks Aboriginal heritage tour

Batch: BBA-12 & BBA-13 Date :5th Nov.2015 Part of being an informed Global citizen is fostering cultural understanding. Most countries seem to have a deep and complex relationship with their … Continue reading

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5-a-side Football Tournament!

The Futsal Field came alive on Saturday 3rd October 2015! The 5-A-Side Football Tournament brought out seven talented teams from our BBA15 & GMBA Batch vying for victory. Team Bravura, The Epic Team, … Continue reading

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A trip to Canberra!

Date – 24th Sep.,2015 Batch – BBA’12 The road trip to Canberra is fairly long for a day trip, and if you are vegetarian the options are even more unpalatable … Continue reading

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Friends for Life: Mix & Mingle 2015

As part of our ongoing efforts to keep the S P Jain Alumni spirit alive and bright, Friends for Life held its second event this year in Sydney, Mix & Mingle, … Continue reading

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Life in Sydney: An Incomplete Guide for Complete Dummies from Khoa

G’day fellas! Welcome to Australia, the land of kangaroos and koalas, of bizarre weather and people who love getting wasted! Isolated from the rest of the world, Australia has a … Continue reading

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Going Dutch: Ashley on Exchange in the Netherlands

Hi! I’m Ashley Elliott, BBA 13. I’m half American and half Filipino, currently residing in Sydney, Australia. I spent one semester in the Netherlands with the International Exchange Program offered by SP … Continue reading

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Jags Talk About Ramadan

  Check out this awesome article featuring three S P Jain graduate students in Dubai, talking about their first experience of Ramadan.  You younger Jags will get to experience this during Year … Continue reading

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UNESCO Report on International Students

International study is becoming increasingly popular for young people who want to get ahead. UNESCO did a report on where global students come from — and where they go — … Continue reading

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Dubai is FUN

Want to know what Jags do for fun in Dubai?  Check out this cool video by Francis Miguel, BBA13, which won First Prize in the recent blog competition:

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Great Job In Brazil

Lucas Gonzales graduated in April 2010, and is earning 50% more than his peers from local universities in Brazil.  Here’s what he tells us… Instead of looking for a job … Continue reading

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Students Flock to Australia

Why is S P Jain accredited in Australia, rather than the US or UK?  And why do Jaguars spend their last two years studying Down Under?  A recent article by … Continue reading

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Wanderlust, by Nimisha

I was in the library of my high school when I first heard about S P Jain School of Global Management. Two cities? Four years? With the possibility of going … Continue reading

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A Trailer for the Future, by Vishwas

For most of the people that acquire their undergraduate degree from India, doing internships in the middle of your course is unheard of. I don’t know whether it is because … Continue reading

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Scared of speaking?

You aren’t alone! ‘Glossophobia.’ This word is essentially a fancy representation of the fear of public speaking, a common disorder. I am pretty sure each and every one of us has … Continue reading

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Global Millennials: What They Want in a Career

A Harvard Business Review study shows that young people want different things from a career in management, depending on their nationality. As more Millennials assume leadership positions around the world, organizations … Continue reading

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My Life So Far, by Lasse

Are you a European or a tennis player thinking of joining S P Jain?  Well, I’m a German tennis coach studying in BBA14, and here are my experiences so far… First, … Continue reading

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Dear fellow Albanians

Te dashur shqipetaret e mi, Si shqipetar ne i dime deshirat dhe nevojat tona dhe mund te them me plote gojen se S P Jain dhe Singapori eshte ajo qe … Continue reading

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Why You’ll Never Be The Same After Living Overseas

Once you’re a Jaguar, you’ll “get it” — like this guy did. “Home is behind you. The World is ahead.” – Gandalf (The Hobbit). When you step away from your … Continue reading

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What does it cost to study overseas?

Here’s a great article posted on International Students Club’s blog, comparing various countries where you can study abroad, and their cost. http:/

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Over Half of First Class Have Jobs in Just 12 Weeks!

Money Magazine says it takes most college graduates between 3 and 9 months to land their first job. So it’s fantastic news that just 3 months after graduating, HALF of … Continue reading

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Interview of Mauritian Jags (article in French)

TERTIAIRE : Au-delà de ce qu’enseignent les manuels, selon Jevin Ballgobind & Valérie Ng ARTICLE PARU DANS LE MAURICIEN | 11 JUIN, 2014 Pour la cinquième année consécutive, la SP Jain … Continue reading

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College Interviews: How To Ace Them

The young man wore a casual t-shirt, had ruffled hair, and was Skyping me for his college interview from a cell phone in his car. He answered most questions with … Continue reading

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