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What Were Our BBA’16 Jaguars up to This Summer?

Students from our BBA intake of 2016 are already preparing for their last year at SP Jain Sydney before they officially graduate! So, how did they spend their last summer … Continue reading

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Jaguars compete at DIAC Sports Cup – Anshula Kumar (BEC’16) shares her experience

SP Jain School of Global Management’s Jaguars competed at the annual DIAC Sports Cup held from November 11 to November 17, 2018, at Aktiv Nation in Al Quoz, Dubai. Anshula … Continue reading

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Ojal Mutyapwar (BBA Sep’17) shares her SP Jain Dubai Campus experience

Semester 3 is almost over and I’m sure none of us realised how it passed by with all the fun-filled activities – the Ferrari World, the Desert Safari and the … Continue reading

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Music, Dance, Sports and Team Spirit – How We Bonded During Our First Outdoor Activity!

The Bhatsa river, situated near the small town of Asangaon in Maharashtra, at first glance, hardly strikes me as the kind of place I would ever visit on my own. … Continue reading

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Promoting Campus Spirit and Creating Special Memories with SP Jain Dubai Spirit Week 2017

If we are going to talk about the memories that the students of the BBA Program created in our Dubai year, we definitely need to talk about the Spirit Week … Continue reading

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Kunal’s Take on Dubai

Dubai is a city that offers a rich culture and heritage along with a perfect blend of a multi-ethnic and diverse society. After having experienced the convenience of Singapore’s public transport, it was definitely an experience adjusting … Continue reading

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Singapore Hostel Brochure

For photos, amenities and regulations, click on this link to download the brand-new brochure about S P Jain’s Singapore hostel (dormitory). SG Hostel Brochure

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More on the Singapore Hostel

Student housing in Singapore is in the same building as the classrooms. Accommodation is shared, dormitory style, with three or four students in a room, and costs US$8,700 for the … Continue reading

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Singapore Campus

Everyone agrees — the Singapore campus totally rocks. First, it was the former palace of the Nizam of Hyderabad (which explains why the address is 10 Hyderabad Road). How cool … Continue reading

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Life in Singapore: The Real Scoop

One of the coolest and most unique things about SP Jain is the Singapore campus. Some students live off campus because they prefer their own space, or because they’ve found … Continue reading

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Your Professors in Singapore

Golo Weber| Assistant Dean &Faculty • World Cultures Prof Golo Weber is the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs at S P Jain School of Global Management. He was one of … Continue reading

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Welcoming BBA’13 Batch to our Sydney Campus!

Sydney campus has been a-buzz with welcoming BBA 13 and our equally well-loved exchange students in a three-day orientation. Wednesday the 26th August was all about settling in on campus … Continue reading

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Friends for Life: Mix & Mingle 2015

As part of our ongoing efforts to keep the S P Jain Alumni spirit alive and bright, Friends for Life held its second event this year in Sydney, Mix & Mingle, … Continue reading

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Your Professors in Sydney

Ross Brennan (Australian Business Environment) Educational Attainment • PhD Candidate Macquarie University,2014 • Master of Economics Degree from Macquarie University, • Bachelor of Economics Degree from Sydney University, • Diploma … Continue reading

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Dubai Campus Welcomes New Students!

In the last week of August, the Dubai campus was full of new postgraduate and undergraduate students. SP Jain staff excitedly welcomed both cohorts to the ‘City of Dreams’ with … Continue reading

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Your Professors in Mumbai

Dr. Mahendra Mehta (Mathematics) Dr. Mahendra Mehta is the Managing Director and CEO of NeuralTechSoft, a company based in Mumbai(India). For over two and half decades, he has been involved in … Continue reading

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Living Costs in Sydney

You’ve heard how expensive Australia is to live in, right?  Well, the good news for Jaguars on a budget is that the Australian dollar has been falling on the world … Continue reading

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Singapore Off-Campus Idea: The Interlace

Now here’s a way-cool idea for living off-campus in Singapore — renting a brand-new condo at The Interlace ( right across the street from S P Jain. It’s a gorgeous … Continue reading

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Sydney Campus

Diggin’ It Down Under Sydney has it all — beaches, nightlife, outdoor sports, and a big, big country to explore. That’s why the Jags call it (unofficially, of course) the most … Continue reading

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Dubai Campus

Hot Stuff! Dubai was S P Jain’s very first campus, and it’s very impressive. It’s located in the heart of Dubai’s International Academic City, along with a host of other … Continue reading

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