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New Jag: Vanshika Godha (Jaipur, India)

Name: Vanshika Godha
Hometown: Jaipur, India
Joining: BBA 2018 September (Mumbai Campus)

Hey Fellow Jaguars!

My name is Vanshika Godha but my friends call me by all kinds of weird yet sweet names such as Godhi, Godhs and Vanu (you have your pick or create one I won’t mind). My dream is to become an Event Manager as I love events especially weddings. I would love to organise many dream weddings in the future for the pleasure of making people’s dream come true.

I have completed my schooling from M.G.D. Girls’ School in Jaipur. My school was the first ever girls school in Rajasthan and started in 1943 while challenging the ideals of Parda system and patriarchy.

I was the President of the MUN Club and the MGDMUN 2017 conference at my school. The international relations and the world politics really attract me and hence my passion in Model UN. This passion started in grade 9 and has only grown since. I have participated in many MUNs in my school life as both a delegate and a member of the EB or the Secretariat and I hope to continue to be a part of the MUN world.

I also have a great interest in Entrepreneurship which, I plan on specialising in during the program. I have also participated in competitions in this field. A recent one being the Jaipur Students Entrepreneurship Fest where I also won the 1st Runners-Up position in the category Business Plan. The idea that won me the trophy was to employ the housewives of India by helping them do what they do everyday such as cooking, stitching etc. while sitting at home. This idea was planned on the opportunity that showed increasing numbers of young people living a busy life away from home must crave the presence of a mother or at least a home-cooked meal. We named our venture Momastic and here’s a demo website for the same –

Besides that, I love writing down my thoughts and creatively expressing my words. I have been a part of an international community called Writerdesk and have been the Jaipur Branch Incharge and head for the past 2 years. You can check out some of my pieces on Writerdesk’s Instagram page. I also post my writings on my independent page (it’s not famous). –

I love to meet new people and travel the world. I have been on numerous exchanges with the help of my school. My first school trip was in class 5 to Haryana. After that, I have been to France, Maldives, Malaysia and many places in India as well.

Other than this, I like to bake cakes and cookies in my free time. I also like swimming and dancing. I absolutely adore everything Disney and can kill for it.

That’s approximately everything about me. I am really excited to join SP Jain and make new friends while learning how to take the next step towards my dream.

Can’t wait to meet you all!

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