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New Jag: Jatin Julka (New Delhi, India)

Hi there! My fellow Jaguars, my name is Jatin Julka and most of my friends call me by my surname.

I’m all set to begin my journey with SP Jain joining the Singapore campus for the BBA session 2018!

I’m a huge fan of electronic music and spend my leisure time listening to music and creating funny mashups!

Other than that my hobbies include swimming (I am a great swimmer). I am very fond of English and find it as a beautiful language and have always been a good scorer in the subject.

I participated in MUN debates in my school, Ryan International where they have ROMUN debates every year. I write quotes and blogs regarding the things that really matter in our life.

I’ve always had an interest in astronomy, wanting to discover our stars and universe as a whole. It fetched me a certificate of a young astronomer from SPACE during my school days.

Talking about my personality in general, let me tell you that I’m a super quiet person and a great observer when I meet a new person in a new environment. But, I become friends with everybody in a matter of time and that too a very loyal buddy, which you can add to one of my plus points, my new friends.

If you’d ask me about what I’m bringing with myself to SPJ, I’m bringing a whole new me, boosted with self-confidence, eagerness to explore the world in this great tri-city opportunity to study and a sense of forming new and good relations with all the people I meet on this journey and above all, becoming responsible.

See y’all in Singapore Jags!

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