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New Jag: Aayet Rahman (Kuwait)

Aayet RehmanName: Aayet Rahman
Hometown: Kuwait
Joining: BBA September 2018

Hello there! My name is Aayet Rahman and I am 18 years old. I was born in India but spent most of my life in the Middle East.

Growing up here has mostly kept me inside the house, so if you were to ask me about my hobbies, it is the most generic sit-at-home hobby ever. I wish I could say its reading, but it’s just drawing and a little bit of video game (yes, a little bit). When it comes to my passion, I would say art. Anything out of the ordinary regardless of whatever it means is art and that is my ‘passion’.

Although I earlier mentioned about staying at home I am an extrovert person, who likes meeting new people, travelling, getting to know about different culture, trying out different things, and of course ‘Food’! Which is why I am absolutely hyped to meet all you folks or should I say ‘’Jaguars” at SP Jain.

Growth and development is something I look forward to a lot, and to be able to do it with this opportunity is great. Finding, creating, and understanding new things are the best I could ask for.

Honestly, I think it’s going to be quite an experience for me, that is a privilege to live up to. I am sure you are all amazing people and it would be absolutely fantastic doing everything alongside pursuing the BBA course with you.

Hope to join you Jags real soon!

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