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New Jag: An Hoang Pham (Vietnam)

An Hoang Pham

Name: An Hoang Pham
Hometown: Vietnam
Joining: BBA SEP 2018

Hello everyone, my name is An Hoang Pham. You can also call me Harry or Ry. I am from Ho Chi Minh, a city in Vietnam. Drawing and writing are my passions. I am an introvert person who keeps everything in mind and prefers to write them instead. However, I always like to make new friends. I like learning about various religions. I am a voracious reader and is always on a quest to find something new.

I will graduate from my High School in June. And since my school is located in an extramural district, I faced a lot of difficulties to get fluent in English and grasp knowledge quickly. However, I have been working on improving my English and hope to get better at it when I meet you guys at SP Jain.

I am fond of travelling as it makes me feel more energetic and gives me the ability to look at things from different perspectives. Therefore, I want to travel as many places as I can till I am young. Also, I hope to find people who share the same kind of hobbies as mine at SP Jain so that we can make a whole group of travelers.

You can contact me on Facebook (Harry P. An) and Instagram (harry2903_).

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