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New Jag: Kamola Jumaeva (Tajikistan)

Name: Kamola Jumaeva
Hometown: Tajikistan
Joining: BBA18 Singapore

Hello, I am Kamola Jumaeva, 17 years old. I hail from a small but very friendly and amazing country — Tajikistan.

I am quite passionate about traveling and volunteering. For me, the world is like an interesting book, which I want to read and explore. The time has come to start reading this book and experience unforgettable moments for a lifetime.

I am always enthusiastic and full of energy, ready to contribute to volunteer work. I believe it makes you a better person. Not only it makes you feel content, but it also encourages you to do more things in the future, which is what you need to keep your energy on the right track.

My motto in life is “everything is possible”. Therefore, I strongly believe that all of my goals will be achieved if I work towards it.

I am grateful to SP Jain for giving me this opportunity to become a part of the global family and a chance to achieve my goals and live my dream!

So excited to see all you Jaguars very soon!!

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