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New Jag: Aditi Gill (Dubai)

Aditi GillName: Aditi Gill
Hometown: Punjab, India (residing in Dubai, UAE)

Hello, I am Aditi Gill from Punjab, India. My heart and soul lies in Dubai and that’s where I’ve been since I was born. I like engaging myself in various activities of my interest, but my favourite ones are dancing, ice-skating, horse-riding, cooking, and shopping, obviously!

I also love to read novels and my favourite authors are Nicholas Sparks, Cecilia Ahern, Ravinder Singh, and Durjoy Datta. My friends know me as a very calm and patient person, the reason is Yoga. I have been practicing Yoga since the past 8 years and it has been by strength all along. Besides its health merits, it uplifts my mood and helps me to stay positive all the time. And since I am already a cheerful person, there wouldn’t be a day where you won’t see me smiling!

I am excited to make new friends at SP Jain, however, I am not really good at initiating conversations. But once I am comfortable with a person, I am sure to get along well! So see you all on the first day!

Feel free to connect with me on Instagram – aditigill

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