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New Jag: Sitora (Uzbekistan)

SitoraName: Sitora
Hometown: Uzbekistan

Hello, my name is Sitora! It is a great pleasure to be accepted for the BBA program. I would like to begin my introduction by describing about my hobbies, interests, and the major reason to choose SP Jain Global.

To start with, I am fond of travelling different places, learning new languages, reading articles and books on psychology and philosophy, and playing keyboard among others. I love spending time amidst nature. So yes, you can call me a nature lover!

With my sincerity and honesty I hope to gel well with you guys. I am quite optimistic, confident, and passionate about my future prosperity. That is why, when I learnt about SP Jain Global’s facilities, tailored curriculum, and their constant support for internships, it didn’t take much time for me to decide what my obvious choice would be.

Working in a team and performing is something which interests me the most and forms the main reason why I decided to pursue BBA. I believe people pooling in their ideas and coming up with different business solutions is an exemplary of teamwork and hence would broaden my horizon in the field. Thus, being able to get along with different people in a group is one of the predominant requirements, which I believe would shape my career in this sphere.

Excited to meet you guys very soon!

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