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New Jag: Atif Ajir (UAE)

Atif AjirName: Atif Ajir
Hometown: India

Hello everyone! It took me 18 years to be what I am today. My name is Atif Ajir and I live in the United Arab Emirates. Although I hail from India, I have done my entire schooling from UAE.

Taking risks and following unconventional paths have always been an inspiration to me, since the time I have realized that there is more to this world than what it is perceived. This has led me to think about what I really want to achieve and in order to do that I had to discover my strengths and weakness.

My personal interest includes public speaking, debating, cricketing and volunteering for various programs. Furthermore, I have represented UAE in the PISA Assessment that was conducted to help and improve the education of 15-year-olds globally. From participating in science competitions and symposiums to representing my school in Ministry of Education programs, one thing that I have learned is, continuous determination and hard work is the key to success for winning any competition as well as excelling in your performance. Being a member of student council for three consecutive years and then as the Head Boy of my school, I have always encouraged my teammates and fellow students to give their best and accept their defeats sportingly. This has enabled me to become a better individual.

As they say “knowledge is power” I personally believe that every day I am learning something new and I try my best to keep enhancing my knowledge through different sources. My long-term goal is to become a Chartered Financial Analyst and establish a self-made investment firm that will be profitable in the long run and most importantly to share places with firms like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.

It is an honor to be a part of the SP Jain student fraternity and I am looking forward to starting an excitement filled roller coaster ride with the fellow Jaguars.

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