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New Jag: Keagan Kurien (UAE)

Keagan KurienName: Keagan Kurien
Hometown: Dubai, UAE.

Hi, my fellow Jags! I am Keagan Kurien, nicknamed by my close buddies as Keagz. I am from India but have grown up and lived in Dubai for the most part of my life.

I am an open-minded and adventurous person with interpersonal communication skills. I have a jovial and fun-loving personality, which makes me gel with people.  I do love to socialize.  I’m the type of dude who would prefer an adventurous sport over the weekend than sleeping throughout it. Football and Basketball are two sports which I do play with a lot of passion, but slowly I have picked a liking for all sports.

In my spare time, I like to get grooving, shake a leg, like to play the keyboard or listen to music. I am also an active participant at the Toastmaster in my city.

I am absolutely hyped and super excited for the next 4 years to be a part of this year’s September 2018 intake at SP Jain School of Global Management and to team up with my fellow jags, learning subjects like world cultures, Emotional intelligence, Critical thinking etc. is just fascinating. Like one never knew, that these topics which seemed so generic, could become specific. This cohort is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and I do see myself as an integral part of the various stages in this curriculum.  See you Jags soon.

You can hit me up on the two profiles below.

Facebook – Keagan Kurien
Instagram – @keagankurien

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