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New Jag: Niveditha Arjun (UAE)

Niveditha ArjunName: Niveditha Arjun
Hometown: Kerala, India (residing at Dubai, UAE)

Ahoy there fellow Jags!!

My name is Niveditha although most of my friends call me Harry. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and occasionally walk around school with a scar on my head! Anyway, you may call me that, if it pleases you.

I’ve never been too good at drafting these sort of bios about myself. Not because I’m a boring person but I rather like the way others describe me than I do so myself. So, I’ll give you a few hints to my personality but I’ll leave the rest of the puzzle for you all to figure out when you actually meet me!

I’m generally quiet when I meet a person for the first time. But once I get to know them, I’d say that I’m capable of holding pleasant conversations with them. Whether it’s because I’m a Leo or not, I don’t know but I’m a super loyal friend.

Writing is my passion and I write poems and prose. I’ve got some of them published in some local dailies but when I meet you, I’d want your honest opinion about them. I love books (yes, Harry Potter would be one of my favourites) and movies and if we’re together for Christmas, I will most probably make you watch Home Alone, even though I’ve seen it a thousand times before. I occasionally play the violin as well and would love to charm you with a few bars of a melody (you will have to ignore some of the squeaky protests of my violin – I am out of practice).

I can never keep anything that I write short. However, I’ve been working on it. So, how do you think I’ve fared so far? Anyway, before I bore you any further, I’ll take leave. I’m really excited to meet you all soon.

If you need to contact me, do drop a mail at

Byeee for now!!


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