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New Jag: Rishabh Suri (India)

Name: Rishabh Suri
Hometown: New Delhi, India

Hello, my fellow Jaguars! My friends only call me by my surname. I am from the capital city of India. And my motto in life is ‘EPITKOS’, a word of Greek origin, but invented by me. It means a judicious mix of Ethics and Success.

Being an enthusiastic sportsman, I was a part of my school’s basketball, football, and hockey team. I enjoy playing squash on a regular basis. I am a big movie buff, which makes me believe that “the only problem with reality is that there’s no background Hindi music.” I was a key choreographer of all my school dances – Western, Bollywood and Punjabi. Moreover, I’ve received positions in all my marketing, business quiz and case study competitions.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, and I look forward to taking this step with my fellow Jaguars because we all know, the journey is more important than the destination. Looking forward to an amazing journey with you guys at Singapore Campus in September 2018 intake.

P.S: You might have seen me in the Byjus ad!

Feel free to connect with me on Instagram.


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