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New Jag: Kritika (UAE / India)

UnknownName: Kritika Sawlani
Hometown: Mumbai, India (residing in the United Arab Emirates)
Intake: Mumbai Campus, BBA’17

Hey Jags!
I’m Kritika (my friends mostly address me as Kriti) . I’ve been raised in Dubai and have completed my schooling from the Indian High School, Dubai.

One things which gives me joy beyond measure is finance. It is my aspiration to see my name among one of the leading investment banks and alternatively a far fetched dream to work under a hedge fund manager in my late 20’s. My favorite pastime involves learning about financial instruments like options and futures, indicators and oscillators, techniques like short selling, fibonacci, simultaneously trying them out on the trade simulator, tracing them on the charts and persistently keeping an eye on the domestic and global cues that lead to upside or downside in the markets. In the recent past, I have explored topics such as the 2008 housing bubble and its aftermath, arbitrage, LTCM, Black-Scholes model, hedge fund trading strategies and more. I’m also an avid reader and am currently honing my skills at technical analysis through a certified program by NSE.

Apart from finance, I’m also a fashion enthusiast and see it as my escape and a tool that truly empowers oneself. I enjoy both fashion styling and designing and have designed quite a few outfits for marked events.

I’m not really a sports oriented person but I would be more than delighted to get acquainted with one. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoy adventures and will most certainly always be down for one.

I consider myself lucky to be sharing the next four years with all you beautiful people and am super excited to begin this journey!!

You can reach me at any of the following two social media platforms and send across a hi!
IG and snapchat: kritisawlanii

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This entry was posted on July 31, 2017 by in Jags 2017.
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