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New Jag: Smeet (India / UAE)

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 4.03.58 PMName: Smeet Shah
Home: Sharjah, UAE
From: Gujarat, India
Joining: BBA-2017, Singapore Campus
Hey Jags! I am Smeet. I just finished my high school from Our Own English High School, Sharjah.
I’ll try to keep this bio as short as possible, which is hard for me, because I love writing and can go on and on once I’ve started :p
My passions mainly include finance and writing. Whenever I’m not hanging out with someone or the other, I’m mostly staring at stock charts or going through companies’ annual reports. Other than Crude Oil and Gold Futures, I mostly track Indian stocks, and am hoping that my BBA from S P Jain will help me kick start my career in Indian finance, as well as give me enough exposure into the international markets! Below you’ll find a picture of me when I visited the Bombay Stock Exchange this year.
Also, from time to time, whenever I’m motivat


ed enough, I write poems and fiction.A couple of my articles have been published in the Khaleej Times. To combine two of my passions, writing and finance, I joined Quora and actively answer questions related to finance there. Here’s a link to my Quora profile for anyone who may be interested: .
I may come across as slightly introverted at first, but I’m really fun to be around once we’ve met a couple of times. At least, that’s what my friends have to say about me :p
I’m not really into sports, but you can find me cycling almost every other day, I’ll also enjoy watching an occasional game of cricket, I guess that counts haha. Other than this, I also have a deep liking for Bollywood music and films, and spend quite a bit of time on my PS3 as well.
Okay this has gotten long enough. I guess I’ll stop now and say that I’m really looking forward to meeting you all.

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