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New Jag: Vansh (India)

UnknownName : Vansh Batra

Hometown : Sonipat, India

Joining : BBA 17 , Singapore Campus

Hey Jags !

I am really super excited to see you all. I love travelling alot so that’s why I think that  this tri-country program is best for me. I am a fun-loving person and a sportsman too. My main reason in opting S.P Jain is to learn about different cultures and the history of different places. I’m always in a state of learning something new every day. I hope that there will be infinite fun in these upcoming four years with you.

Noteworthy : I’m a State Level Cricketer (Represented Haryana Team Under 19 )

Hobbies :  Dance, EDM , hanging out

Social :-

Facebook :  Vansh Batra (  )

Instagram :  oye_vanshi

Snapchat : vansh_batra16

One comment on “New Jag: Vansh (India)

  1. Laksh Taneja
    June 15, 2017

    Best of luck brother!!! I will see you in Sydney after 2 years 😉


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