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New Jag: Winona (Philippines)

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 3.46.20 PMName: Winona Khristia Robidillo-Ortega

Hometown: Rizal, Philippines

Joining: BBA17 in Singapore

Noteworthy: I have experienced working in a rehabilitation center where I was responsible for majority of the art projects and programs for the housemates (patients) as part of their healing process. I have also engaged in various initiatives where I taught kids crafts and painted a mural on the walls of the entire Sunday School classroom. We also started various business projects in school where I always manage the concepts and branding of our products and services ranging from food to mysterious game events.

Interests: Art and all its forms. It has influenced my lifestyle — I dance, paint, write, conceptualize, make short films in my free time. I love books from economics, psychology, to fiction and films especially those from the late 30s to the 90s. I always feel like I’m born in the wrong era. But above all else, I find people as the most interesting subject of all.

Message: Hi. I’m Winona, not Ryder. You can call me Win instead. Looking forward to meeting you all.

instagram | @winsideout

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