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Jags Against Drugs and Corruption

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.37.48 AMSydney Jags, coached by Dr Nicolas Hamelin, have entered the Peer to Peer international competition sponsored by Facebook and the US State Department.

Their creative brief has just been awarded a US$400 in Facebook credit and cash of  US$2,000 to produce content.  SPJAIN Sydney campus has also been awarded US$500 for supporting the team.

So far the team social campaign is doing well.  One of the organizers commented, “It appears that your Facebook has been generating great metrics so far and I found a video that you all uploaded that is very interesting.”

The BBA students involved are:  Luken Karitson, Aditya Shukla, Divek Agarwal, Mohamad Alduker, Shruti Bajaj, Nilesh Kumar Agrawal, Urmi Agarwalla, Rhys Mattila, Palak Malaviya, Nishaal N Goundar, Ashi, Sindu Katireedy and Udit Mathur.

The team objective is to fight corruption and drugs. The campaign is: #noisthenewtrend – Say no to corruption and drugs.

Check it out:

As the students note on their Facebook page, “We have connected corruption to violent extremism. Please support us in this venture to fight corruption and drugs. #noisthenewtrend#P2PChallenge

Congratulations to Nick and the BBA students!

~ John Lodewijks, Dean, Undergraduate Programs

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