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New Jag: Deepika (India/UAE)

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.14.51 PMName: Deepika Sachanandani

Hometown: Mumbai, India (living in the United Arab Emirates)

Joining: BBA 17 in Singapore

Noteworthy: I am the green team leader at my high school in Sharjah. The position has helped me to spread awareness about issues such as global warming and animal protection by organizing environmental campaigns such as walkathons and talks for students at my school. My involvement in Model United Nations conferences has taught me to be diplomatic, which is a very useful skill not only within governmental organizations but also in the practical business world.                                                                            Last year I won the “best delegate” award in my committee at a conference held at the American university in Sharjah.

Passions: Being multilingual, language has always been delight to me. Last year I travelled to France for a month-long language exchange program in a small city called Vichy in the south of France. Truly, an experience that allures me to comprehend French language and culture. Journaling is one of my favorite things to do. In fact I have been writing diary entries since the past few years. Lastly, I am an amateur photographer; what I find particularly fascinating is this idea of being able to look at the same object in so many different perspectives. You can check out some of my photos on my blog:

Message: The transition from high school to university is evidently a life-changing experience, and I am looking forward to spending mine with all of you. Having read a few of the blogs, I cannot wait to get on this journey with such a multi-cultural bunch of people. If you would like to get in touch, add me up on Facebook- Deepika sachanandani. See you soon in Singapore :).


One comment on “New Jag: Deepika (India/UAE)

  1. olauverystupid
    April 6, 2017

    Hello i am Alpha Amadou Diallo and i will be joining the BBA17 program with you guys in singapore and i think its good we be friendly before meeting for the first time. +231776219179 this is my number and you can also connect with me on whatsapp and other media with this number +231770468153. Thank you i will be waiting to get in touch with you too


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