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Social Responsibility at Five-Star Hotels

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 7.06.51 PMBBA Jags of the Mumbai campus were taken around a site tour of the Trident & Oberoi Hotel’s South Mumbai property as part of the SCSR subject’s Industry initiatives. The objective of the visit was to get an understanding around the prevailing Sustainability practices being followed by the Hotel Group.

Trident & Oberoi Hotels are 5 star hotels that are owned & managed by the Oberoi group. Oberoi Hotels & Resorts has been voted World’s Best Hotel Brand for the second consecutive year by the readers’ of Travel + Leisure in 2016 World’s Best Awards.

Presentation area

At the Sunset Lounge, Jags were given an introductory presentation by the General Manage, ,who appraised them about the legacy & philosophy of the Group. This was followed by the Engineering Team Head who showcased some of the best sustainability practices that the group follows including some of the latest energy conservation initiatives being undertaken by the Group. The Executive Vice President of The Oberoi & Trident Nariman Point paid a surprise visit & interacted with our Jags.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 7.04.29 PM

Property showaround

BBA Jags then were taken around the vast expanse of both the properties that included accessing the Rooftop Fresh Herbs Nursery, Swimming Pool area, Restaurants, Spa, back door operations such as Food & Beverages, Laundry services, Boiler areas & finally culminating with a view of the luxurious Presidential Suite that left the students spellbound. The Jags turned into veritable maze runners moving across the different front & back end operations areas over a time period of over 2 hours.

Quiz timeScreen Shot 2017-03-21 at 7.04.45 PM

When the Jags came back, they were in for a pleasant surprise as a special Twenty-Twenty Quiz was organised based on their key observations & learnings. Jags were divided into different groupings with a Team Spokesperson anointed who presented the answers in a rapid fire format. In what seemed to be a fiercely contested & engaging quiz, finally one of the teams emerged as winners of this fun activity. Jags received words of praise from the Senior Management of the Trident & Oberoi Hotel Group for their intellectual talents & their infectious enthusiasm.


The best was reserved till the end where Jags were treated to sumptuous evening snacks & tea & as they munched on the delicacies, they pondered over their key takeaways during this spellbound tour of the luxury property. BBA Jags in Mumbai will carry cherished memories of this visit for a long time to come. As the Jags themselves put it:

“Seeing behind the scenes is always enchanting” – Anshula

“Do not fail to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.” – Tanmay

“Devil is in the details.” – Manan

“It’s fascinating to see organization in action!” – Amartya Majumdar.

[Thanks to Shrinivas Shikaripurkar of the Mumbai campus for writing this article!]

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