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Everything you need to know before joining


Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 2.46.57 PMUndergraduate students at S P Jain can choose between three programs and three specializations. Our flagship program, the Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) program, begins at either the Singapore or Mumbai campus. Students are exposed to an introductory liberal arts education for 2 years. At the end of Year 2, they select a specialization for their final 2 years — either finance, marketing or entrepreneurship.

Students in either of the 3-year programs, Bachelors in Economics (BEC) or Bachelors in Business Communications (BBC), do their first year in Mumbai. They move to Dubai for their final 2 years. All programs are fully accredited by the Government of Australia.

Program BBA BBC


Name Bachelors of Business Administration Bachelors of Business Communications Bachelors of Economics
Duration 4 years 3 years 3 years
Description Flagship, premier course Fast-track, more technical Fast-track, more technical
Campuses Year 1 Singapore or Mumbai              Year 2 Dubai     Years 3&4 Sydney Year 1 Mumbai             Years 2&3 Dubai Year 1 Mumbai             Years 2&3 Dubai
Specializations Finance,     Marketing OR    Entrepreneurship Communications Economics
Benefits Most thorough,     More costly,       Post-study work rights in Australia Faster, more economical Faster, more economical
Tuition costs $82,000 $60,000 $60,000

All Three Programs Include:

  • Common broad curriculum in Year 1, giving students ample time to decide between programs and specializations
  • Wide range of extra-curricular activities providing exposure to diverse cultures
  • International student body
  • Top-flight professors from many nationalities
  • Opportunity to live in several countries
  • Full access to on-campus housing, library, and other facilities

How to Choose Your Program and Specialization?

Pick the BBA if you:

  • Are sure that you want to study either marketing, finance or entrepreneurship, OR if want to do both a “major” and a “minor” in any two of these
  • Want an American-style four-year degree, with two years of studies that provide global polish, and two years of in-depth training in your specialization
  • Want to experience living in all three regions: Asia, Middle East and Australasia
  • Might want to work in Australia after you graduate

Pick the BBC or BEC if you:

  • Are certain that you want a career in communications or economics
  • Come from a country where three-year degrees are well-accepted
  • Want to save time and money
  • Are not interested in post-graduation employment in Australia

Still confused?

Don’t worry. S P Jain counselors and professors will help you figure everything out once you join the program, based on your individual preferences, talents and ambitions.


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