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New Jag: Suraiya (Ghana)

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 10.26.13 AMName:  Suraiya Tuntaiya Mohammed

From: Ghana

Joining : Singapore campus for BBA 2017

Hi there fellow Jags. I am Suraiya from Ghana. Ghana is a West African country and mainly known for its rich natural resources and cultures.

During high school, I held the position of class president and led my class of 40 students to most  of our school’s activities like debates, social gatherings and some sport activities. I am currently working with my mom in our family business. Working in our family business since I was a child has made my passion for doing business grow each and every single day. I love to travel and meet new people as well as help the needy in any way I can.

I have a strong passion for doing business  and knowing about the world, which is why I chose this program. When I first saw SP Jain School of Global Management,  I immediately liked it but loved it more when I realized I could study in three top business-minded countries in the world like Singapore, Dubai and Australia.

I greet my fellow Jags and  can’t wait to meet my new family in September. Congratulations to us all for this wonderful opportunity — and thanks to the management of this great school .


You can contact me on ;

Facebook: itsghal taiya





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