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New Jag: Alpha (Liberia)

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 12.50.04 PMName: Alpha Diallo

From: Liberia

Noteworthy: I held the position of the president’s advisor in my school’s student council government. I helped to give good advice and solutions on how matters are to be solved in tough occasions. I was named as the best debater in my school and helped in the winning of many debates like on religious matter and social ones. I was also the students’ Imam of my high school days. I was the class captain for debate.

Passions: I am passionate about business and how it evolves. Since I was young I always loved being at my father’s business areas and always told him to tell me some insights about business, and one of the most important thing he always told me was to be honest and respectful in anything I do, be it business or other things.

Message: I would like to say hi to all the new Jags of SP Jain. I am very happy to be accepted to join you all. It is with great pleasure and opportunity in us meeting from different part of the world. Just to say, I can’t wait for the new adventure of our times together to start. I would be glad to tell you about where am from the type of people living there and the culture of my people. I can tell you that we have much time to experience together because the opportunity to study in Singapore, Dubai, and Sydney is one of a great and international experience, and am so happy that SP Jain is able to bring us together. Hope to see you all soon. #thanks to spjain



2 comments on “New Jag: Alpha (Liberia)

  1. Momodou Barry
    March 9, 2017

    Welcome brother to Sp Jain…send me your Facebook name..welcome to the Family…


    • Alpha Diallo
      March 24, 2017

      OK bro looking forward to meet you soon Inshaaa Allah
      my Facebook name is : Amadou Sadasco Diallo
      my WhatsApp # is : 00231770468153
      you are most welcome bro.


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