Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Everything you need to know before joining

New Jag: Prateek (India)

Name: Prateek Singh Home: New Delhi, India Joining: Singapore Campus Noteworthy: Football star Passion: Football and computer games Add me on instagram: pr_ateek

March 30, 2017 · 1 Comment

New Jag: Kalyani (India)

Name: Kalyani Shankar Iyer Home: Mumbai, India Joining: Singapore campus, September 2017 Noteworthy:  Best student, class topper, language club member…well, all that is past. Why talk about that? We are … Continue reading

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New Jag: Ojal (India)

Name and nickname: Ojal Mutyapwar (my name is really short, so I have no nicknames :P) Home:  Mumbai, India. Joining: Mumbai campus, BBA17 Noteworthy: Represented the school basketball team and the … Continue reading

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Lavasa Trip Showcases Sustainability

The BBA Jags of the Mumbai campus were taken on an outbound tour of Lavasa city 193 kms away from Mumbai. Lavasa is India’s first entirely private city built from … Continue reading

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New Jag: Katriina (Finland)

Name: Katriina Parkkinen Hometown: Helsinki, Finland Joining: BBA17 in Singapore Noteworthy: I am currently a part of a volunteer program that focuses on teaching and helping children with their homework … Continue reading

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New Jag: Manav (India)

Name – Manav Sanklecha Home – Chennai, India Joining – Singapore Campus Noteworthy – Art , creativity, modeling Passions – Music, sports (table tennis and cricket), cars

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Social Responsibility at Five-Star Hotels

BBA Jags of the Mumbai campus were taken around a site tour of the Trident & Oberoi Hotel’s South Mumbai property as part of the SCSR subject’s Industry initiatives. The … Continue reading

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Desert Camping, Anyone?

Tag along with Dubai Jags (BBA15) in this video, and see what an adventure they had spending the night in the Liwa desert.

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New Jag: Kiara (India)

Name: Kiara Lakdawala Home: Mumbai, India Joining: Singapore, September 2017 Hey guys! I have been in a boarding school since the 9th grade. But that was just a minor shift. To … Continue reading

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Jamaican Jag WOWs Academic City

Public speaking is a key skill if you want to be a global business leader. And the best way to learn is by practice, right? Just ask Aindrea Sewell (BEC15) … Continue reading

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Facebook Hack 4 Good

  Four Bachelor of Business Communication (BBC) Jaguars are shortlisted among the top 20 students representing the Gulf Cooperation Council region to compete at Facebook UAE – Hack 4 Good – Inter University Competition … Continue reading

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Prize-winning Dancers in Dubai

  Kudos to the Jaguars who placed 3rd in Group Dance category at IMT Dubai’s annual Inter University Cultural Festival, Vaudeville on 1st March 2017. The team representing SP Jain Dubai Campus included … Continue reading

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New Jag: Tanvi (India)

Name: Tanvi Jain (nickname Tanu) Home: Chennai, India Joining: Singapore Campus Noteworthy: Class topper in business studies, been a delegate at the WFUNA International Model United Nations, plays badminton and … Continue reading

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Undergraduate students at S P Jain can choose between three programs and three specializations. Our flagship program, the Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) program, begins at either the Singapore or … Continue reading

March 16, 2017 · 1 Comment

New Jag: Vellen (Mauritius)

Name: Vellen Moorghen Country: Mauritius Joining: BBA17 in Singapore Noteworthy: Prefect and Sports Captain in my high school in 2014 and 2015 respectively. By joining S P Jain’s BBA program, … Continue reading

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New Jag: Suraiya (Ghana)

Name:  Suraiya Tuntaiya Mohammed From: Ghana Joining : Singapore campus for BBA 2017 Hi there fellow Jags. I am Suraiya from Ghana. Ghana is a West African country and mainly known … Continue reading

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New Jag: Sanoat (Tajikistan)

Name: Sanoat Yaqubovna Home: Tajikistan Joining: Singapore campus My name is Dodoboeva Sanoat Yaqubovna. I am a girl from a mountainous country called Tajikistan in the heart of Asia, which … Continue reading

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New Jag: Alpha (Liberia)

Name: Alpha Diallo From: Liberia Noteworthy: I held the position of the president’s advisor in my school’s student council government. I helped to give good advice and solutions on how … Continue reading

March 6, 2017 · 2 Comments

New Jag: Ruhomaun (Mauritius)

Name: Ruhomaun Bibi Hadyah Hometown: Port Louis, Mauritius Joining: BBA17 in Singapore Hello fellow Jags, I look forward to meeting you guys this September and am very excited to start … Continue reading

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