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While You’re Waiting This Summer…

study beachHow can you best use your last glorious weeks of vacation, before becoming an S P Jain Jaguar at the end of August in Singapore?  Of course, you’ve already thought about spending time with your friends and maybe going on vacation. But try these suggestions, so you’re really prepared for the big adventure ahead.

Read. Find books, newspapers, magazines or Internet articles about global business, leadership, international conditions, Singapore history, economics, whatever. The more you read, the broader a person you become.*khan-logo-vertical-transparent

Catch up.  If you were weak in a subject in high school (especially math), take online classes from places like Khan Academy or Coursera.  They’re free, and will make life much easier once you hit college.

INTERNSIntern.  You’re entering a business college, so everything you can learn about the world of work will be useful. Volunteer in an industry that interests you, or with an NGO. Help out in the family business.

Work.  In some countries (like the US), it is relatively easy for students to getsummer job summer jobs. This will strengthen your work ethic, give you valuable experience and (most importantly) let you earn money to help with living expenses in college. If you work at a restaurant or as a barrista before you get to Singapore, it will be that much easier for you to get a part-time job, because you can say you already have experience.

Practice English.  Most of your fellow Jaguars have near-perfect English skills. If you don’t, competing for top grades will be difficult.  Use every spare minute to watch English-language movies and TV shows (without the subtitles), listening to music, reading Internet posts — anything you can think Jurassic_parkof to become more comfortable with English. Some people have had great results listening to the radio in English while they sleep, so that the language goes deep into their subconscious.  Also, practice speaking English, even if you feel foolish. Practice on tourists, or anybody you can find with good English skills.

*Here are a few books you might find helpful:

* The World is Flat by Freeman
* 7 Habits of Highly Successful People
* How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
* Tipping Point or other books by Malcolm Gladwell
* If you can find it, Tanamera by Noel Barber is a nice historical novel about Singapore in WWII.
Also, keep up on world news, because you’ll be living with students from lots of different countries.  Try Foreign Policy (online magazine), BBC Worldnews online.

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