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New Jag: Manas (India)

ManasName: Manas Sarda

Hometown: Nizamabad/Hyderabad

Joining: Mumbai Campus

Hey Jags. I’m Manas, from Hyderabad. I’m so excited and also a bit nervous (being honest) to start this amazing and thrilling journey at S P Jain.

To introduce myself, I’m a highly determined, fun-loving person. Despite being an introvert, I’m always ready to help others. I love travelling, and exploring new places and their traditions. I believe that “Food Is Life.” (I’m a foodie for fife :p). FRIENDS have always helped me to overcome the failures of life.

I come from a family business background, and hence I have inherited the passion of being a businessman. I’m sure that getting into S P Jain will definitely help me in achieving my goals.

I truly look forward to meet you all in September so that we can build an incredible bond that we will cherish forever. 🙂

Feel free to catch me on:

Facebook – Manas Sarda

Instagram – @manassarda


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This entry was posted on July 23, 2016 by in Jags 2016.
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