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New Jag: Sinatra (Kuwait)

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 10.42.34 AM copyName: Sinatra

Home: Kuwait

Joining Singapore Campus

“No matter how amazing you are, people will always expect more from you. Live for yourself, not for others. Witness the difference!” and by this I convey my passion for writing. Nothing relieves the stress I contain like a pen and paper.

I am passionate about so many things such as sports, fitness, singing, fashion, dancing, dramatics etc. There’s nothing I’ve ever shown negativity towards.

Thrill and adventure! These two words could sum up how I’d like to live my life.

My passion for sports has grown along the years, with reference to representing my school at the national level for athletics, was chosen as the captain for the Under-19 girls basketball team, was awarded ‘Best Sportswoman of the Year’ (2016), was also awarded ‘Most Valuable Player’ for girl’s Football Tournament and currently playing Box Cricket for a Woman’s Tournament. With regards to my interests in singing, I’ve performed on multiple stages around Kuwait, and on the radio, 99.7 FM Radio Kuwait.

I am a Kuwait topper in English securing 99/100 in the recent CBSE board examinations. I am currently an intern in a multi-national company called ‘Siemens’.

The reason i’m joining S P Jaim is to receive the experience and exposure acquired in the tri-city course.

I’m eager to discover various cultures from all of you as we all emerge from different parts of the globe.

Follow me on Instagram – sinatra_ and quotes.sld


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