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New Jag: Pranav (India / Qatar)

PranavName : Pranav Shetty

Home:  Doha, Qatar

I’m a Mumbeikar. But being born and raised in a foreign country like Qatar has shaped my life drastically. My parents would have never expected that their son would turn out to be like whom I am today. People in Doha recognizes me as a  sportsman, but now they also see me off for college in 3 countries. I knew for a long time that I would be leaving my country for an undergraduate degree, but I never expected to spend my time in three other countries.

Sports have always been my main passion. Football, swimming, basketball, volleyball … You name it, I’m always there. In fact, I was the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) swimming champion, representing Qatar at the international level.

Apart from sports, I am a very chill guy. Any movie out there, I’ve seen it. I’m a big DiCaprio and SRK fan. I love travelling, hanging out, exploring things and of course socialising. All these things combine to show that I look forward to starting my studies SP Jain .

 Let’s all hope for the best !!! Cant wait …   Gonna head for shopping to pack my luggage. See you guys there !!

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This entry was posted on June 16, 2016 by in Jags 2016.
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