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New Jag: Katariina (Finland)

PictureKatariinaName: Katariina Collander

Hometown: Kirkkonummi, Finland

Hey to all! I am Katariina. I live in a quite small city close to Helsinki. Moving to a city as large as Singapore in a few months is beyond exciting! I have never been to Asia before. When I try to picture the following four years I mostly imagine being in the library 24/7 and microwaving instant noodles with you guys. For some reason even that sounds like crazy fun.

I just finished my IB finals a couple of weeks ago and I will be working at a retail store this summer. I spend my free time trying to make these last weeks in Finland count. For example, I just read that there are 30 baby lambs close to where I live and I am most definitely going to go see them this week. I have always dreamt of writing a childrens’ book and I guess this summer would be the perfect time to finish it.

I hope that the studies in S P Jain will bring me opportunities to be creative and that the days are filled with little challenges and accomplishments. See you in September!


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This entry was posted on June 8, 2016 by in Jags 2016.
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