Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Everything you need to know before joining

New Jag: Piyush (Singapore / India)

Name – Piyush Talwar Home Town – Lucknow India Hey Jags, I’m Piyush. I’m originally from India, but I have never lived my life there. Been an expat kid, traveling the … Continue reading

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New Jag: Anthony (Nigeria)

Name: Anthony Endoni. Hometown: Bayelsa, Nigeria Mumbai Campus Hi Jags! I’m Anthony Endoni from Bayelsa State, Nigeria and I’m 23 years old. My nickname is Endeezy. I’m a big fan … Continue reading

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New Jag: Rodrigo (Argentina)

Name: Rodrigo Patronis Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina. How is it going Jags? I am Rodrigo from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and 22 years old. I am a sports lover, pretty much … Continue reading

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New Jag: Rachit (India)

Name –  Rachit Garg Hometown – Rohtak, Haryana, India Joining Singapore Campus Hey Jags! Congratulations to all of you! I am Rachit from Rohtak…… I love to read books and … Continue reading

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New Jag: Siddharth (India)

Name: Siddharth Dhabriya Hometown: Jaipur, India Hey Jaguars!  I’m Siddharth and I come from Jaipur, which is popularly known as the Pink City. I have always been involved in different … Continue reading

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New Jag: Shanice (Qatar / Kuwait)

Name:  Shanice D’silva Home: Qatar / Kuwait Hey guys!  My name is Shanice, you can call me Shani (yeah, like the drink).  I’ve lived in a small state called Kuwait … Continue reading

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New Jag: Keegan (Canada)

Name: Keegan Hull Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada How is it going Jags!? I am Keegan from Calgary, Alberta, Canada! If you can’t tell, I am a hockey player. From the … Continue reading

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New Jag: DJ (India/Dubai)

Name- Dhananjay Arora Home town- Delhi, India Heyy guys what sup!! I am Dhananjay Arora from New Delhi. I finished my high school in Dubai and I am a Punjabi. … Continue reading

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New Jag: Raghuraj (India)

Name –  Raghuraj Gupta Hometown – Ludhiana,Punjab,India Joining Singapore Campus Hey Jaguars. I am Raghuraj from Ludhiana… I love listening to music and love travelling to places and exploring them. … Continue reading

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New Jag: Oumika (Mauritius)

Name: Oumika Koyyal Etwaro Home: Mauritius I’m so excited to come to S P Jain. I have heard so many good things about it. I can’t wait to meet you and … Continue reading

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New Jag: Jui (India/UAE)

Name: Jui Raval Home: UAE Yoo Jags!!  I am Jui Raval joining the Mumbai Campus! I am basically from Gujarat, India but I did my schooling from UAE. I love … Continue reading

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New Jag: Susan (India)

Name: Susan Kuriakose Hometown: Pune, India Joining the Singapore campus. Hey everyone! My name is Susan and I’m from India. I’ve lived in Pune for most of my life. I … Continue reading

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New Jag: Tanmay (India)

Name: Tanmay Pareek Home: Delhi, India Hi Jags. I’m Tanmay Pareek. I was born and raised in Delhi. Most children acquire the same eye color or a similar shaped nose … Continue reading

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New Jag: Pranav (India / Qatar)

Name : Pranav Shetty Home:  Doha, Qatar I’m a Mumbeikar. But being born and raised in a foreign country like Qatar has shaped my life drastically. My parents would have … Continue reading

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New Jag: Natalia (India)

Name: Natalia Doshi Home:  Mumbai, India Hey everyone. I’m very excited to join SP Jain and believe this programme is going to be an amazing journey! I can’t wait to meet … Continue reading

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New Jag: Pushpitha (India/Oman)

Name : Pushpitha Ramalingam Hometown: Muscat, Oman Heyyy Jags👋!! A four-year tri-city course….sounds exciting. But the interesting part lies in meeting you guys out there from all over the world … Continue reading

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New Jag: Harshita (India/Dubai)

Name: Harshita Chandiramani Hometown: Dubai Hello fellow mates, this is Harshita (or like the chocolate Hershey’s) originally from India (Delhi/Lucknow) but born and bought up in the innovative city of Dubai. … Continue reading

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Khoa’s Journey: Thoughts upon graduation

Khoa Nguyen joined BBA12 from a small town in Vietnam. Now he has graduated with his bachelors degree, and is ready for a career in Australia. He wrote a blog … Continue reading

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New Jag: JunSoo (Korea)

Name- JunSoo Lee Hometown-Seoul, South Korea Hi! I’m JunSoo Lee from Korea. I’ve completed my high school in China. I love to play sports, especially soccer, and I’m an avid fan … Continue reading

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New Jag: Riya (India)

Name : Riya Shukla Hometown : Mumbai Joining the Mumbai campus. Hey hey hey Jags! Congratulations to all of you. I’m Riya and I’m from Mumbai. I LOVE to dance … Continue reading

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Can You Believe How Much We Did?

Jags in BBA15 did an amazing number of things during their first year in Singapore — in addition to their studies. Check out the diversity of their activities, and get … Continue reading

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New Jag: Katariina (Finland)

Name: Katariina Collander Hometown: Kirkkonummi, Finland Hey to all! I am Katariina. I live in a quite small city close to Helsinki. Moving to a city as large as Singapore … Continue reading

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New Jag: Kelly (Korea)

Name: Kyurim Kim English name: Kelly Hometown: Seoul, South Korea Hi guys! I’m Kyurim from South Korea. I graduated from both middle and migh school in Canada and studied in … Continue reading

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New Jag: Vinayak (India)

Name- Vinayak  Puri Nickname- Vini (you know like Vini the Pooh! ) Hometown- New Delhi Joining the Mumbai campus I am a football player and have been playing football for … Continue reading

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New Jag: Dhruv (India)

Name-Dhruv Shah Hometown-Mumbai, India Hey Jags my name is Dhruv and I am a Mumbaikar. I love playing football but that’s not the only sport I play. You see I … Continue reading

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New Jag: Omi (India)

Name – Umang Poddar Nickname – Omi Hometown – New Delhi, India Congratulations to all my fellow freshers!! I’m a Delhiite who is completely into sports, categorically football and basketball. I was the captain … Continue reading

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New Jag: Shrishti (India)

Name: Shrishti Yogaraj Hometown: Bangalore, India Hi guys! I’m Shrishti and I’m from India. I’ve spent most of my life in Chennai and Bangalore. I love designing, listening to music … Continue reading

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