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Jag Harley Dudes

Harley 1

Rohan (on bike) and Abhishek (blue shirt) pursue their passion with an internship at Harley Davidson before joining S P Jain’s BBA16.

“Don’t wait for life. Ride to meet it.” – Harley Davidson

Inspired by these timeless words and fueled by our passion to venture out into the world of marketing and hone our skills, we (Rohan and Abhishek, BBA16) received an opportunity to intern with the Harley Davidson Motor Company.

 Words evade us the most when we try to describe this incredible experience.We gathered intensive knowledge about the growing automobile industry and we were introduced to various plans such as corporate marketing which involved contacting corporates for Sunday bike rides so that they could have a great respite from their busy work schedule. This proved to be a great marketing strategy for this way, people could undergo an unforgettable road trip. We also organised promotional events around the city, where we gained an in-depth insight into how bikes function and what exactly people look for in the bikes that they purchase.

Learning about financing purchases through various banks, we were also involved in marketing the HOG (Harley Owners Group) which is a 110 year old social community for bikers to come along and rejoice their biking experience by travelling on various riding routes. We learnt how bikes can be marketed through a social community. Harley2Getting to know about how merchandises like clothing and cutlery are marketed was extremely enthralling as well. We also developed a deep understanding of the bonds that Harley Davidson forges with its customers and the perfection with which it customises bikes to make its customers have a highly personalised experience with their purchase and that’s what makes this company truly stand apart.  

 With great passion comes great success and nothing else could be a better example to explain this rather than the ever so inspiring journey of William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson which we became cognisant of during our internship. Two friends once believed in their passion for bikes and had great faith in their abilities. From initially developing a motor-bicycle with pedals, to gradually building powerful bikes with great engines, these two friends were nothing less than a remarkable concoction of hard work, zeal and determination. Overcoming huge losses during dark days, they have revived into a revolutionary motorcycle company today, known for its legacy and loyalty.

This internship, being our first one, has been quite inspirational and a great start for us to further develop our skills and knowledge base in order to become successful global leaders in the future.

 – Rohan Bhatia & Abhishek Jain, BBA’16


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