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New Jag: Dina (Russia)

Dina.jpgName: Dina Mariam Kruglyakova

Hometown: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Hello everyone my name is Dina Mariam!

I was born in a city called Saint Petersburg. It’s very beautiful city with a lot of palaces, museums, cathedrals, and theatres. I believe that my hometown gave me a lot of cultural background. During seven years I studied in the art school. When I was twelve I moved with my family to to Latin America. Venezuela was a great opportunity for me to learn new language and to find out a new culture. Now I speak Russian, English, and Spanish. I would like to learn more languages for instance, Mandarin. I also traveled around the world with my parents and I’m very exited to study and find out more about the cities: Singapore, Dubai, and Sydney.

My passion is oil painting, but aside from that I have a lots of other interests. For instance, I love gastronomy and baking. I love all about fashion, I love my pets, I have a cat and a dog. I love to travel and I’m sure that no matter where I go I will enjoy it. Also I like extracurricular activities such as drama, MUN, and collaboration with our community. And of course sports, I practice tennis, volleyball, soccer, MMA, skiing and hiking.

I believe that SP Jain is a great opportunity for me to have an amazing experience for learning, to meet new people and reach my goals. Hope to see you all soon.

Greetings, Dina Mariam 🙂

Instagram: @dina.mariam

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This entry was posted on May 17, 2016 by in Jags 2016.
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