Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Everything you need to know before joining

New Jag: Vaishnavi (India)

Name: Vaishnavi Jhawar Hometown: Hyderabad, India Hello, hi, namaste. To introduce myself I’m a very fun-loving person and I rather love to help people. An exciting moment starts when SP Jain calls … Continue reading

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New Jag: Nupur (India)

Name: Nupur Ajane Hometown: Mumbai, India Hi Jaguars! I’m Nupur, from India. I’ve completed my middle school and my high school in Mumbai, India. I’m so thrilled and (to be … Continue reading

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New Jag: Mariam (Armenia)

Name: Mariam Makaryan Hometown: Vanadzor, Republic of Armenia Hello everyone! I am Mariam from Armenia. I have been studying in Singapore for the last two years as an IB student … Continue reading

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New Jag: SoYeong (Korea)

Name: SoYeong Lee Hometown: South Korea Hi ! I’m SoYeong Lee from Korea. I graduated my elementary and high school in Philippines, and I also finished my Business Diploma in … Continue reading

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New Jag: Pranav (India)

Name : Pranav Vinod Hometown : Kerala,India I’m from the southern state of India, called Kerala, but was brought up in the Middle East! I’m a die-hard Marvel Comics fan. … Continue reading

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New Jag: Siddharth (India / Dubai)

Name: Siddharth Leenus Hometown:  Dubai My hobbies are watching films and travelling. I love watching films and am an ardent follower of the media. I love travelling and wish to … Continue reading

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New Jag: Pamela (Belize)

Name: Pamela Murray Hometown: Stann Creek, Belize Hey Jags! My name Pamela Murray; most people call me Pam. I was born in the beautiful country of Belize, located in the Caribbean, … Continue reading

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New Jag: TaeYeon (Korea)

Name: TaeYeon Kim Hometown: Korea Hello everyone, my name is TaeYeon. I am from Korea. However, I have spent my middle school and high school years in Bali, Indonesia. And … Continue reading

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New Jag: Parth (India)

Name: Parth Gadre Hometown : Mumbai, India Four F’s of my life are – Food, Friends, Football and Forty Winks! Haha. I hold a Guinness World Record in creating the … Continue reading

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New Jag: Abhiram (Dubai / India)

Name : Abhiram Vimal Hometown : Dubai Helloooooooo everyone, I’m from the state of Kerala in India but settled in Dubai, and will soon be flying to Mumbai to join SP … Continue reading

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New Jag: Biruk (Ethiopia)

Name: Biruk Saladin  Hometown: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia My hobbies are reading literature, writing poetry, listening to music and watching movies. I was previously in medical school, studying to be a … Continue reading

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Jag Harley Dudes

“Don’t wait for life. Ride to meet it.” – Harley Davidson Inspired by these timeless words and fueled by our passion to venture out into the world of marketing and hone our … Continue reading

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20 Countries, 2 Years: Rhys’s Story

I started as a small-town boy with no experience traveling, and very little cultural knowledge. I had lived on an island in the US all my life. The unbelievable opportunity S … Continue reading

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New Jag: Dina (Russia)

Name: Dina Mariam Kruglyakova Hometown: Saint Petersburg, Russia Hello everyone my name is Dina Mariam! I was born in a city called Saint Petersburg. It’s very beautiful city with a … Continue reading

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New Jag: Aayush (Dubai / India)

Name: Aayush Nahar Hometown: Dubai/Mumbai My hobbies are listening to music, reading comics, watching movies and playing basketball. I’m very excited to start the S P Jain tri-city course. It’s … Continue reading

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Why Study Abroad? More Reasons…

In today’s global marketplace, why is it that so many students fail to explore the world and study abroad? The business world clearly demands a global mindset. Individuals who can … Continue reading

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New Jag: Movses (Armenia)

Name: Movses Makaryan Hometown: Vanadzor, Armenia I’m currently doing IBDP in Singapore. It’s my second year here. This is a great place to study and live. I am sure that all … Continue reading

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New Jag: Hunar (India)

Name: Hunar Mukut  Hometown: Mumbai  My hobbies are listening to music, reading comics, watching movies and cycling.  I’m very excited to start the S P Jain tri-city course. It’s very … Continue reading

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5 Reasons for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a major decision. Uprooting your life to start again in an unknown land is daunting, even for the more confident among us. However, studying abroad is also … Continue reading

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Comparing the Cost of Overseas Degrees

Take a look at our infographic which compares the costs for some of the most popular expenses for students studying in the UK, US, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and … Continue reading

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A Moroccan Comes Out of His Shell: Salim’s Story

I come from Morocco, an Arab country in North Africa. After high school 60% of my classmates stayed in Morocco, 35% went to Europe, 4% dropped out, and 1% went … Continue reading

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New Jag: Aayush (India)

Name:  Aayush Parikh Hometown:  Mumbai, India I’m currently studying in the IBDP Curriculum. I love to try out new things and new foods, and I love to watch YouTube videos, and … Continue reading

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From Jamaica to the World! (Aindrea’s Story)

My name is Aindrea Sewell, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Kingston, Jamaica. Eight months ago when I told my friends and family that I was going to Singapore … Continue reading

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New Jag: Raveena (India)

Name: Raveena Shah Hometown: Mumbai, India Hey guys, I’m Raveena! I really love music, I’ve learned playing the keyboard for 5 years, and the guitar for 2 years now. I also … Continue reading

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S P Jain: The Video

Have you seen the S P Jain video? It’s three minutes long, and will give you a good overview of the benefits of choosing S P Jain for your global … Continue reading

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Kersplash! Dubai Aquaventure

What a way to end the school year! On April 8, Dubai Jags went to Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis, a hotel resort located at the apex of the Palm Jumeirah in the United … Continue reading

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