Adventure! S P Jain Jaguars

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My First Year of Adventure


Here I am hanging out with Jags from India, Jamaica, Tajikistan and Brazil, to name just a few. Sure never would have happened if I’d gone to college back home in Costa Rica!

What’s it like for a guy from the little country of Costa Rica to spend his first year of college at S P Jain in Singapore?  Absolutely incredible!

I learned a lot academically, but that’s really just the beginning. More importantly, I learned about living in a different way, which has made me a more independent and ambitious guy. Besides studying, I explored many places in Singapore and worked as a part-time bartender at an indoor golf club. It helped me earn money, and also was a great experience because I make very good friends and contacts in Singapore.


Thailand beaches with your friends for midterm break? It’s easy and cheap when you’re at S P Jain.

Then there’s TRAVEL. I’ve gotten to travel to nearby countries including Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. I really recommend going during the breaks (October, December and February), as it is pretty cheap and extremely fun to travel with friends.

Thanks to the Global Learning Team we have all experienced many different activities such as Paintball, Holi, Dragon Boat racing, the Singapore Zoo and many more. I have really appreciated this year and it has been an unforgettable experience that not many people get.


The trip to Bali was pretty cool too. Man, I never thought I’d see places like this.

My advice for new Jags is to make a lot of friends in your freshman year, enjoy and attend your classes, get a job/internship if possible for the experience and breaking the routine of studying, and participate in every activity organised by S P Jain. They are all very fun and you’ll get out of that comfort zone to experience new stuff — which will give you a lot of funny stories to remember for the rest of your life.


Join S P Jain and see the world.

If you want to know more about living on campus or looking for a job or an internship please contact me. ( All the best!

~ Andres Mena, BBA15


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