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New Jag: Eashan (India)

Eashan Trehan Photograph JEEName: Eashan Trehan

Home: Delhi, India

I was inspired to take up BBA, because it teaches us how to tackle business deals and stand on our own two feet in the corporate world. I will help me become well acquainted and familiar with the latest trends and skills in the market world. It will bring me closer to the world of management and help me grasp greater knowledge, required to make business decisions like a true leader.It will help me build tactical skills and develop strategic thinking. I feel that I am well suited to this arena, because of my critical thinking skills and analytical bent of mind. In December 2015 I was awarded a Gold Medal by my school for scoring above a GPA of 8.4/80% for seven consecutive years (Class V-Class XI). I am also a recipient of the G. Bhaskar Memorial Award awarded for excellence in academics curricular activities and for being a good human being. I attained a 10/10 CGPA in class tenth.I have been a member of my school’s Student’s Council for two consecutive years and played a crucial role in upholding discipline and teaching moral values to students, the council consists of the foremost student leaders in the school who are responsible for not only being a good role model but also for bringing laurels to the school. In my desire to give back to society, I have also served as the Executive Director of the Interact Club, which helps organize events for social causes, such as charities, blood drives, bake sales etc. and currently hold great responsibility as the President of my school’s Automobile Club which is an initiative on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. I have also been a part of my school’s Model United Nations (MUN) Society and participated in Amity International MUN. My love for English and writing drove me to become an active member of the school’s Literary Club, which is responsible for the school’s magazine “The Bubbling Cauldron”. I am also excited by the prospect of learning new languages, I have thus far learnt Hindi, English as well as German and attained an international rank of 88 in the International English Olympiad (IEO) in eleventh grade and a global rank of 79 in the International Olympiad of English Language (IOEL) in tenth grade. Further, I have attained scores of 48/60 and 61/80 in FIT IN DEUTSCHE examinations 1 and 2. I have so far thoroughly enjoyed all intellectual challenges and have always come out on top. I look forward to joining a university that offers its students a plethora of opportunities, one that encourages them to push their limits and experience something new every day and feel, that at your prestigious university, I can greatly benefit from the multicultural exposure imparted to the students and the stiff competition which will fire me up to perform even better, I also look forward to meeting other like-minded and talented peers who will not only spur my growth, but revolutionize my way of thinking. I believe that SP Jain can offer me an active, vibrant and intellectually stimulating environment, but most of all, I feel that I can learn something new from each person I meet and can even be friends with my professors. Post graduation, I plan to vie for a corporate job and after gaining some valuable experience, get a Masters in Business Administration as well. I look forward to meeting enthusiasts like me, acing my exams, but most of all, to learning and experiencing. I feel that I am best suited for SP Jain because of my unique attitude and positive outlook. I look forward to making my dreams come true at SP Jain.


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