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Deutschland? Ja!

GermanGerm flag2Mumbai Jags learned about social and business conditions in faraway Germany from no less than the German Consul General, Hon. Michael Seibert, who visited the campus recently. He was welcomed in fluent German by Jaguar Wejdene Hakiri, who had studied the language at high school in her native Tunisia.Wejd

Hon. Seibert gave an overview of Indo-German bilateral relations, placing special emphasis on intensified political dialogue and on rapidly increasing business relations. Candid, insightful, engaging and humorous, the Consul General welcomed students’ questions about the current turbulence in Europe. “I’m optimistic that Europe will be able to weather these temporary glitches,” he said. “We continue to believe that debate and discussions are the best ways to work through disagreements, an idea that lies at the core of democracy.”

“I loved listening to the Consul explain about current events,” said Wejdene. “Plus, I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be speaking German with such a high-ranking diplomat — and in India, no less. The opportunities we receive here at S P Jain are absolutely incredible.”

The Consul General’s talk was part of S P Jain’s efforts to embed global insights as part of the curriculum for BBA students. Other Consul Generals who have interacted with the students over the past couple of months are from Australia, the US, Indonesia and Israel. “Programs like these make S P Jain stand out from other colleges,” said Amit Dasgupta, Head of Campus and a former diplomat himself. “Our students go beyond books and theory. Consequently, they are better informed and learn to think  globally.”

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