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New Jag: Aditi (India)

AditiName : Aditi Agarwal 

Hometown: Jaipur, India 

Namaste ! (that’s how we greet in India )

Hello everyone. Being an extrovert I love to meet people from different backgrounds and culture and joining SP Jain will definitely be the cherry on the cake.

I am a MUNer (one can always talk to me about MUNs :p ) and have attended various conferences in India and abroad and have been awarded in some. 

I was a part of my school’s student council as leadership is what I admire and always will. Figuring out new ideas and group discussions is what seems very alluring to me. Also, I have a keen interest in dramatics and listening to good music (and surely not singing). 

I am looking forward to meet such amazing people like all of you and I’m pretty sure I will get along quite well with all.

See you soon in Singapore.

All hail Jaguars !


One comment on “New Jag: Aditi (India)

  1. Ankit Sh
    April 8, 2016

    hi Aditi, how r u …just wanna know more about this program…can you please help!


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