Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

Everything you need to know before joining

New Jag: Ashwin (Dubai/India)

Name: Ashwin Dham Hometown: Dubai I’ve been studying psychology for 2 years. I’m very into manga comics  and anime, and also photography, especially creating my own images (photo manipulation). I’m sure you’re … Continue reading

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New Jag: Lin (Vietnam)

Name: Nguyen Hoang Gia Linh (or Lin for short) Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hobbies: Reading different kinds of books, listening to music, doing yoga, running.  “Xin chao” – … Continue reading

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Jags Have Got Talent

When Tang Chi Uy joined S P Jain as a freshman two years ago, he was shy and unsure of himself. So it was little short of amazing — even … Continue reading

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New Jag: Shaziya (Mauritius)

Name : Shaziya Nayeck Hometown : Rosehill , Mauritius Hello. I am Shaziya from Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean. My hobbies are playing games, music and swimming. I like … Continue reading

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A Tajik Takes on the World (Dovud’s Story)

Nobody back home in Tajikistan can believe where I am now — getting ready to take on a summer internship in Singapore. And it’s all because I took a big … Continue reading

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New Jag: Dongkwan (Korea)

Name: Dongkwan Kang Hometown: Asan, South Korea Hello everyone. My name is Dongkwan, from Korea. I love meeting new people and experiencing new culture. So I am excited about meet you … Continue reading

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New Jag: Devya (Mauritius)

Name: Devya Ramroop Hometown: Camp de Masque, Mauritius Hi everyone. I am Devya from Paradise Island Mauritius and I’m looking forward to meet my classmates. I like to play badminton, … Continue reading

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New Jag: Eashan (India)

Name: Eashan Trehan Home: Delhi, India I was inspired to take up BBA, because it teaches us how to tackle business deals and stand on our own two feet in … Continue reading

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New Jag: Priyanka (Mauritius)

Name: Priyanka Ramjutun Home:  Mauritius Hello everyone, I’m Priyanka, from a resplendent island, Mauritius. I crave for knowledge and as such I love reading and travelling. I am equally passionate … Continue reading

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New Jag: Jeff (Mauritius)

Name: Jeffrey Nigel Lau Kwet Sin. Hometown: Port Louis, Mauritius. Hello everyone. My name is Jeffrey but you can call me Jeff. I am really excited about joining SP Jain … Continue reading

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Grand Mosque Wows Dubai Jags

  The Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is widely acknowledged as one of the architectural marvels of the Middle East, featuring the world’s largest carpet and third-largest chandelier. Dubai Jaguars, … Continue reading

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Deutschland? Ja!

Mumbai Jags learned about social and business conditions in faraway Germany from no less than the German Consul General, Hon. Michael Seibert, who visited the campus recently. He was welcomed … Continue reading

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Being a Veg Jag

Being a vegetarian can be an interesting journey, especially when you travel to places like Singapore and Sydney where you need literally hunt for vegetarian food.  When I was in Singapore, it … Continue reading

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New Jag: Vidhi (India)

Name: Vidhi Bubna Hometown: Mumbai, India Hi! I am Vidhi and I am currently pursuing the IBDP. I love to explore different cities. I love to explore wildlife and nature. … Continue reading

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Expect the Unexpected: Wejdene’s Story

Steve Jobs said,“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” … Continue reading

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New Jag: Rea (Mauritius)

Name: Pawena Kaniah  Hometown: The Vale, Mauritius  I believe that life is not a process of discovery but of creation and imagination. Hi, I am Pawena, but I usually go by my nickname Réa. I … Continue reading

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New Jag: Zahra (Mauritius)

Name: Zahra Goburdhun Hometown: Souillac Mauritius Hi, hola, namaste….thinking of the different cultures that I will be able to learn makes me sooo excited. I guess that you all there … Continue reading

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Alums Advise Jags in Mumbai

Is there life after S P Jain? Yes indeed — and a very rewarding one, as Jags learned March 29 from a group of recent graduates at a mixer at … Continue reading

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Sydney Jags Meet Top Brass from India

Where do senior diplomats go when they visit Australia? Why, to S P Jain, of course. So when India’s Union Finance Minister made his first-ever trip Down Under in late … Continue reading

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New Jag: Shambhavi (India)

Name- Shambhavi Reddy Hometown- Hyderabad, India. Hello everyone. I’m Shambhavi, from Hyderabad, India. Just like most of you, I love traveling, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. I’m passionate … Continue reading

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New Jag: Divya (Dubai/India)

Name: Divya Shishodia Hometown: Dubai They say everyone is born unique. But to me, it’s who you choose to become that makes you different! Hi, I’m Divya, born and brought … Continue reading

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New Jag: Jeshta (Mauritius)

Name: Jeshta Divya Gungaram Hometown: Petit Raffray, Mauritius Hello everyone. I am Jeshta Gungaram. I am a friendly and helpful person who loves meeting new people as well as discovering … Continue reading

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New Jag: Shahana (Mauritius)

Name: Shahana Doolull Hometown: Ebene, Mauritius Heyya there!!! This is Shahana (in short Shana). I am a crazy and adventurous girl from the little paradise island of the Indian Ocean. … Continue reading

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New Jag: Saveri (India/Singapore)

Name: Saveri Philkana Hometown: Singapore Hi there! I’m Saveri and I’m a 17 year old Indian by nationality, but I’ve lived in Singapore for most of my life (I went … Continue reading

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New Jag: Vishva (India)

Name- Vishva Golechha Hometown- Raipur, India Hello everybody, I take great pride in being a part of the S P Jain family and I am super excited for the new … Continue reading

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New Jag: Aditi (India)

Name : Aditi Agarwal  Hometown: Jaipur, India  Namaste ! (that’s how we greet in India ) Hello everyone. Being an extrovert I love to meet people from different backgrounds and culture … Continue reading

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