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Civil Society Expert at Mumbai Campus


Mumbai Jaguars learn about creating a healthier society from Mr. Umesh Anand, founder and publisher of Civil Society Magazine.

Ethics, morals and the “real India”. That’s the focus of Civil Society Magazine, and its publisher and co-founder, Mr. Umesh Anand, who challenged Mumbai Jags  to make the world a better place on March 16th.

Most other media outlets report on the splashy, negative aspects of society — scandals,

Student and Anand

Raymond Mvula from BBA15 thanks Mr.Anand for his visit.

politics and social abuses. Civil Society, on the other hand, takes pride in reporting how people in India have come up with innovative ideas and actions that make a positive and lasting impact on society. Mr. Anand believes that recognition for these amazing individuals is the start towards boosting their activities and inspiring many more. Mr. Umesh Anand shared inspiring examples, and then opened up a discussion on the vision and the business model of Civil Society. Students took back lessons on ethics, media, potential use of resources and how to face challenges.

Inspirational stories lie in every corner of India. As Mr.Anand reminded us, one only needs the eye to see them and the broadness to learn from them. To quote Civil Society, “We read you, you read us”.

~ Reported by Malhaar Dhruva & Aditya Sood, BBA 15

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