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Flash Mobbin’ in Singapore

free hugsHot music starts booming at J Cube Shopping Mall in west Singapore, and everything comes to a halt. A random girl matches pace to the beat, and is quickly joined by a seemingly random young man. Then an entire group of young enthusiastic dancers seize the spotlight with trendy hip-hop, bachata and freestyle moves. It’s a FLASH MOB! And it’s S P Jain Jaguars rocking the house — to the delight of Singapore shoppers.Hugs2

Designed to promote peace between cultures, the spectacular flashmob was designed by Franchesca Soto,and choreographed by Lavena Bhansali and Aadit Mohnot. The 35 dancers dedicated weeks to prepare for the February 13 event.

The crowd cheered to songs like Lean On, Sorry, and Party Rock Anthem, ending with a fast, catchy South Indian number — and clapped when dancers put on T-shirts with vibrant peace symbols at the end of each set. Jag  volunteers headed by Victor Arámbulo and Franchesca Soto offered “Free Hugs”.  For a grand finale, dancers and volunteers held hands and sang Michael Jackson’s famous “Heal the World’’.Big group[1]

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