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New Jag: Jujhar (India)


Name and Nick name: Jujhar Singh / JOJO
Home: Delhi, India
Noteworthy:  I think this is the best way I can describe myself; a perfect combination of sports & music. I hail from Delhi and undoubtedly am a big fan of good food namely “butter chicken”. Apart from sports, music and food, I love indulging in movies and inducing myself with regular dose of catching up with friends. Being a national-level player, badminton has always been my extreme passion while guitar soothes my mood. If there is something that interests me apart from what I mentioned above then it’s technology and of course social media. I love exploring new apps and staying in touch with technology advancement but when bored I like to Youtube interesting videos to refresh myself. I am excited to meet the batch of 2015 as travel is something that runs through my blood and to be able to learn with multiple ethnic backgrounds under one roof excites me. So, looking forward to exploring new destinations with new people and new learnings. To sum up — It feels wonderful to be an explorer!
To learn more about me, hit me up on Facebook:

Passions:  Fitness is at the top of my list. Badminton is something which I  cannot stop. I sweat in this game with fierce determination but I love chilling out with my friends over guitar, too. You can view one of my impromptu sessions on guitar here –


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