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New Jag: Al-Hassan (Yemen)

Al Hassan 2Name: Al-Hassan Mohssen Ahmed Abuhattem

Home: Sana’a (the capital of Yemen)


I graduated from Omar Bin Abdulaziz High School andI then enrolled in YALI (Yemeni American Language Institute) for almost I year, acquiring a high-diploma degree in English. Upon graduating from YALI, I studied German for about three months for I was to study in Germany before my plans changed. After that I took various courses in English like mathematics, literature, science and such in order to foster my English language proficiency. Now, only a couple of weeks separate me from continuing my promising journey at S P Jain School of Global Management.

Characteristics:   I get very competitive whenever challenged. I am also very committed to the things that I want to achieve and believe in. To me, seriousness tops funniness. Nonetheless, I quite appreciate leisure time and the fun activities I get to do.

Passions:   Playing and watching soccer swimming, ping pong, and reading — especially crime thriller novels and stories.


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