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New Jag: Bhavya (India)

Bhavia 2Name:  Bhavya Tandon
Home:  New Delhi, India

Noteworthy:  I think I’m understanding, a good listener and supportive towards others since I was given the title of miss congeniality by my school. Adventures have always been thrilling for me and I take my college experience to be one in order to keep up the excitement. I know English, Hindi and French and I’m hoping I’ll learn a few more in these four years. I have a love for new places, new people and new cultures and would be very happy to do this here with everyone! Moreover, I’ve been a topper throughout my school years and have consecutively received three awards for academic excellence.

Passions:  I believe the day I do something for others which they can’t repay back is the day I truly am worth living. To move forward with this belief I started healing people with the art of pranic healing and have established myself as a professional pranic healer. It helps me  to communicate with my inner self and keeps me rooted spiritually. The amount of self satisfaction and gratitude that I receive in return is what gives me strength to keep pursuing this interest of mine. I also enjoy reading classics, playing tennis and indulge myself in western vocal, swimming and dance for rejuvenating myself.Bhavia


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