Adventure! SP Jain Jaguars

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New Jag: Miguel (Bolivia)

bio2Name: Miguel Arturo Hernandez

Nicknames: Migui, Mikey, Miguelito

Home: La Paz, Bolivia

Noteworthy: Although I was born in the cold city of la Paz Bolivia, through my almost 19 years of existence I’ve lived in cities like the cozy Cordova in Argentina, the tropical and steamy Managua in Nicaragua, and the unique city of Caracas, Venezuela.

Ever since I was 12, back on 2009, I have met multiple people, visited wonderful landscapes and acquainted myself with the touch of diverse cultures. Aside from Spanish and English, thanks to this international experience I’ve learned how to say “ I love you” in Russian, Korean, French and Japanese!!!

I graduated with honors; although I performed well on every subject, my passions were the extracurricular activities such as Spanish drama, pop rock band rehearsals, and community service with the orphanage Saint Edmund.

I’m the Founding member of Sonrisas en Armonia (Smiling Harmonics), a community service program dedicated to teaching music and instrumental skills to orphans for the development of fund raising concerts.

I won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in my school’s liberal arts talent show, and was awarded the “Goss Theater Award” for being “the senior who made an outstanding contribution to the Theater Arts Program”.Miguel3

Passions: Aside from loving music and every single aspect of it, I enjoy playing guitar, being onstage, watching movies, shooting (with my cam):pun intended:, eating, traveling, learning something new, and spending time with my family, dog and girlfriend.  I’ll always try to make you laugh and Figure out a solution for whatever comes in our way!

Dear Jaguars, future classmates, faculty and SP Jain staff, count on me and all my optimism for the following 4 years!  I know a wonderful adventure awaits us, Can’t wait to embrace this unlike experience and met you all!

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