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New Jag: Radhika (India)

RadhikaName:  Radhika Todi
Home:  Ahmedabad, India
Noteworthy:  I enjoy organising and managing events a lot, and have done a lot of this in my school years, from an “EduRetreat” for teachers all over the world, to a global conference for children, celebrating stories of change globally (“Be The Change” celebration). I have captained my sports squad on one of our sports days, and have even been the School Ambassador for the Ahmedabad Student Parliament.
Passions:  I enjoy swimming, playing tennis and volleyball, and reading. My passion however, lies in baking. I bake cakes and cookies and pies and tarts, and love trying my hand at anything new. I’m even interning at a cupcake shop over the summer to add to my experience.


One comment on “New Jag: Radhika (India)

  1. 9810467334
    May 18, 2017

    i am thinking of joining this course. wanted your feedback regarding the quality of education and campuses abroad. i am from delhi


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