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New Jag: Kiran (Abu Dhabi)

Kiran BBA 2015[1]New Jag: Kiran (Abu Dhabi)

Name: Kiran Ganesh

Hometown: Abu Dhabi

Nickname: Key, Kiri

Noteworthy: Being the head of the primary department for a whole academic year made me realize how much I love teaching children and how much of an amazing impact they have made in my life. Apart from teaching, I learn classical singing and classical dancing ; I’ve performed on many stages, choreographed dances for over 60 people, and have experienced various dancing styles over the past 10 years. I’ve completed till Grade 7 of the Trinity Guildhall Piano Examinations, and plan to practice for the diploma over the coming years. I have a reputation of being a good dessert cook; I’ve received an order to make brownies for a wedding, and I wish to continue developing my knowledge as a cook and baking desserts for different functions. I’ve been volunteering during summer for the past 2 years, and have organized events both in and out of school. I highly believe SP Jain’s BBA program will not only help me in pursuing my dreams career-wise, but will also introduce me to new cultures and a better way of living. Looking forward to meeting you all in Singapore!


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