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New Jag: Tiasha (India/Rwanda)

Tiana2Name: Tiasha Talapatra

Nickname: Tia

Present Home Town: Kigali, Rwanda (East Africa)

Nationality: Indian

I refer to myself as a NRI Bengali! For the past 4 years, I have been living in Kigali, Rwanda, a beautiful land-locked country in East Africa sharing borders with Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Burundi and Tanzania. In my 17 years of existence, I have attended 6 schools – 5 in various states in India and 1 abroad and have thus been exposed to various cultures and flavours of life. These experiences have moulded me into the independent, adventurous and ‘raring to go’ person that I am.

I just completed my International Baccalaureate Diploma Program from Green Hills Academy in Kigali, Rwanda and am awaiting results.

The last four years in school have seen me in various leadership positions, namely, School Prefect, Sports House Captain, and the Deputy Head Girl of the school. As a sports captain, I have led my house to victory at the annual sports event in school which is a feat in itself as my house won the championship after a hiatus of four years.

I have had the privilege of representing my school on many occasions such as in Munich as part of the German Exchange Program, and, at fund-raisers to spread awareness about Breast Cancer and Ebola, as a member of the Round Square Committee, which is a worldwide network of innovative schools.

In my International Baccalaureate, my majors were Chemistry, Biology and Economics. Prior to my IB, I did IGCSE and was awarded a certificate of high distinction.Tiasha_photo

My contribution to sports has been fairly generous- I was a part of the school basketball team in India, and I developed a taste for baseball during my years in Rwanda. As a hobby, I love to play badminton and squash. My favourite sport is swimming and my stroke is free style.

I absolutely enjoy travelling! I have been to Germany, Austria, UK, Kenya, Qatar, Uganda, Ethiopia, and hope to keep adding to that list. In fact, the chance of residing and learning in three different countries fuelled my desire to join S P Jain, in addition to the exciting academic program.

I look forward to joining you all in Singapore and to embark on this exciting journey….


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