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New Jag: Premika (Thailand)

Premika BatraName: Premika Batra

Nickname: Mika

Home: Chiang Mai, Thailand

School: Nakornpayap International School, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Noteworthy: In the beginning of my senior year, I was nominated as one of the Student Council representatives and was elected as President. In eleventh grade, I joined the varsity volleyball, football, and basketball teams, receiving a silver medal for volleyball in the tournament against all teams from international schools in Chiang Mai city. I have 4-point GPA in my High School certificate in final year. Reading is something I am really into. I like reading fictional stories and fantasies whenever I’m free. I know it sounds crazy but somehow I feel that it gives me a break from reality, making me feel calm and relaxed.

A perfect split between Thai and Indian; I am profoundly exposed to the ideal mix of the two cultures. Adding to the mix was the diverse environment present at my international school, which quite a lot diversified my personality. Since then, traveling to new places and meeting new people have always been an amazement, thus making SP Jain a perfect fit for me.


One comment on “New Jag: Premika (Thailand)

  1. Nattawoot
    April 11, 2016

    May I have you facebook?


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