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New Jag: Nivedita (India)

NiveditaName: Nivedita
Nick name: Nive is most commonly used, however people come up with odd names for me. 
Home: Born in Mumbai, spent 7 years in Singapore and moved back to Mumbai. So don’t quite know where home exactly is.

Noteworthy: I have organized multiple events, such as Tedx, Relay for life and have put together several dance shows along with choreographing and performing. I have also been part of a school production called Will To Fight.  My passion for animal rights has driven me to pursue various endeavors towards providing shelters for homeless animals. I’ve worked with AMTM and the SPCA towards saving lives of stray dogs and cats, facilitating their adoption. Apart from that, I’m a trained Indian Classical dancer and a closet fashion designer!

Passion: Dancing, Drama (something I do in my everyday life) and singing to annoy my friends 🙂

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This entry was posted on May 16, 2015 by in Jags 2015.
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